Fatherly Talk 8.19 For they know not what they have done

These are the words that Jesus prayed when He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they have done” (Luke 23:34). Who were the people that Jesus forgave? And what did they do? I thought through these and these seem to be the group of people whom He was reaching out to.

  1. The soldiers who were carrying out their orders and did not know what the motivation or the schemes that were going on around them.
    These would have included the soldiers who nailed Him to the cross, who stripped Him and mocked Him, who beat Him and whipped Him (Matthew 27:27-31; Luke 23:36).
  2. The common people who did not know what was going on but who were carried by the crowd to jeer and mock Jesus (Matthew 23:37-39; 27:39-40).
  3. The priests and religious people who were following the leaders of the Pharisees and condemn whomever they condemned (Matthew 27:41-44; Mark 15:31-32; Luke 23:35).
  4. The crowds who have been ministered to and helped by Jesus but who do not understand why He was crucified and condemned; they lamented and were grieved (Luke 23:27-31).
  5. The disciples and followers of Jesus who, at that time, did not understand what was happening (Matthew 27:55-56; John 19:25-27).

At the time when He was crucified, no one understood why Jesus had to be crucified nor were they aware of the nefarious plots of the Jewish leaders to get rid of Jesus as He was a threat to their existence and their religious authority. Behind them, of course, was the arch enemy the devil himself who had whispered and got all of them, including Judas Iscariot, to do his evil bidding (Matthew ot16:21-23; John 13:27; 1 Corinthians 2:6-8). Satan’s tactics has not changed, and he always remain the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10). For all those who are truly disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, the road is clear and simple when dealing with any issues:

  1. If there is any sin or grievance against one another, it is the Christian thing to go one to one, then two or three to one, then to the church (Matthew 18:15-17). There is no room for subterfuge, back-biting or working behind the accused. At all times, accuser and accused must come face to face and not work behind the scenes. In this way facts and fiction and hearsay can be clarified and truth seen clearly.
  2. In terms of forgiveness, the Bible is clear that what is under the blood of the Lamb cannot be dragged out and displayed like dirty linen for all the world to see and to shame a person (Matthew 18:21-35). Let him who has no sin cast the first stone (John 8:7). May God have mercy on those who dare to put their hands through the blood of Jesus to drag out another person’s faults covered by the Lamb of God and give it to the devil to use to shame and destroy another human being.
  3. The purpose of all correction is for restoration and not for condemnation or destruction (Galatians 6:1-5). Where the object is to destroy, to slander or to condemn, one can only say that it is totally unchristian and un-Christlike (even if the author claims to a Christian and a leader); which means that the source of such can only be from one source and one only – the devil, who comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

I think for most people, who truly love the Lord and want to do His perfect Will, the most important thing is not to be side-tracked and let non-issues become the reason for people not hearkening to what the Lord is saying in these end times. In Fatherly Talk 8.12 and 8.13, the Lord talked with me about a final test that those following this move will go through. I did my best to prepare everyone for the test but could not go into the details what the test will be. That was around the end of June and beginning of July of this year 2020. The Lord Jesus showed me that it will be like the test of Numbers 12:1-15. Miriam and Aaron were questioning Moses’ ability to be God’s representative because of his personal choice of wife. Those two matters were completely unrelated. As far as the ministry was concern, Moses was faithful and completely obedient. Like everyone else in the Charismatic circles, I have my fair share of prophecies and opinions telling me what people approve or disapprove of any choice I make in my personal life. I do know that because of my imperfect history and past and the imperfect history and past of the choice, it would be displeasing to many and I prayed, fasted and asked the Lord about this. The Lord gave His blessings and I had also confided with some leaders who act as my counsel and advisors. The Lord did tell me that it would be a test for His people to understand the choice made, but He said that He is pleased, and it will be a story of grace and redemption. Unfortunately, for those who already have their opinions set (or perceived prophetic word) or bias, it would be problematic for them. Sadly, some have read wrong motivations, imagined stories that were not true nor based on facts of things that have occurred, and come up with the most despicable conclusions. Some of those who condemned the candidate never even took time to get to know the person or the family. To all who are concern, just know that a lot of fasting and prayer, and adherence to principles of righteousness and holiness were followed. Never at anytime was sin ever involved. For me, my main concern is the Lord Jesus and His approval and pleasure, which He has given.

Recently, just before the writing of this Fatherly Talk, our Lord Jesus came and, in our conversations, He spoke and said that there are still two more years (implying 2021 and 2022). I understood this to be the time to 2023 when this end time message will have to be preached to the world and He would open great and mighty doors accompanied with signs and wonders. He spoke of the work that is to be done in these two preparatory years and that they are foundational to the coming work. He said that these two years are like the two years before Joseph was released from prison, even though he desired to be released early (Genesis 40:14; 41:1). He said that everything that has occurred has already been foreseen and He has His sheep who hear His voice who will not be shaken (John 10:27). After our Lord Jesus left, Moses came and we had some fellowship in the spirit; and I got to know things that he himself struggled with (similar to mine) and he was sent to encouraged me in the work of the end time Exodus.

From my recent visitation and encounter, these are important things that we need to take with us into the forty day fast that all of us will be doing (January 1st to February 9th 2021):

  1. The Lord Jesus told me that despite people finding excuses to reject me base on their own perceptions and conclusions (some influenced by others), His call and anointing was still upon me to bear the burden and message of this end time and bring it forth to this generation. He said nothing has changed and because of His calling, He has prepared me to endure and prevail over all these and He will bear witness to His calling that He gave. I had a good conversation with the Lord, where I said that if I had been more perfect, perhaps more people can hear and follow the end time message, but the Lord told me that whomever He chose to lead this end time revival, like me, everything in their personal lives would also have been trashed through by the enemy and He said many others would not have the endurance to survive through. He said He know His sheep and He said that this calling is like that of Moses and its training started even from the beginning of one’s birth like Moses, Jeremiah and Paul. I was humbled and grateful for the encouragement of the Lord. So here I stand, ready and willing to do God’s perfect Will despite all my idiosyncrasies and personality. I have been totally condemned and crucified by men and have nothing to boast of myself, but of Christ Jesus, of whom I will speak and magnify. I am nothing but a despised person in the eyes of my enemies, but thankfully, God can use a nothing; for my only desire is to live closest with Christ than any others on earth. That desire has never changed and is the burning fire in my life all the time. The Lord did say that if there were anyone out there who doubt His calling and this end time message, they can pray to the Father and ask Him, the Lord Jesus Himself, to confirm whether this is true; and He said that He will do so (of course, in His own way). So by all means, don’t just take my word, please check with God the Father and our Lord Jesus, whether this is true. Letting God bear witness is the best!
  2. The Lord Jesus said that the quiet times, which is during this Covid19 lockdown, are as important as the busy times, when we were busy going through open doors and preaching in large meetings or gatherings. He especially said that patience and endurance is a virtue that is being built into our character for these end times. Then after He left, archangel Uryaluzzael came and I understood some things that will happen to the ten toes. Before this visitation, I also had a dream where I saw ten toes and strangely, eight toes were painted with a yellow substance except for the two big toes. Also in the dream, I heard a voice saying “two years more.” These two years (2021-2022) are like the two years of Joseph after he met the butler, and God through His angels are working things upon the earth to bring about events such that the Pharaohs of the world will call for our help and aid. The dynamics of four regions of the world will change and be re-aligned: Europe, USA, Russia and China.
  3. Doctrine and foundation in the Lord is very important in these two years for there will be an increase in pseudo-Christianity such that if it were possible (but not possible, of course), even the elect would be deceived (Matthew 24:23-25). Our Lord Jesus said that deception and delusions will be allowed to increase but it will be nothing to those who have a pure heart and love our Lord Jesus and His Word. It will be easy to see through the fog of deception when our heart is pure. For those whose hearts are not pure, it will be very difficult to discern for their own hearts and minds will fight against them. He also said that the spirit of antichrist is the spirit of betrayal and destruction. Judas Iscariot has the same spirit of antichrist and is called the son of perdition as is the antichrist (John 17:12; 2 Thessalonians 2:3). He said that in the last days many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another (Matthew 24:10). I saw in visions shown that Christianity, as a whole, will be in disfavour in some places and in time, as the antichrist rises, will spread throughout the whole world, in cycles. There will a cycle of powerful revival (2023-2027), then a pause (2027-2034), then followed by a cycle allowed by God of disfavour (2041-2048), then another cycle of revival (2055-2060).

The most important thing in each of our lives is always to love Jesus with first love passionately and also to love His Word. Then out of that love, we can balance the rest of our spiritual and natural lives. When we love God with first love, all things will always work out for good to those who love God (Romans 8:28). In this forty day fast from January 1st 2021 to February 9th 2021, besides all your other items of prayer, do remember to cover these areas in your prayers and fasting:

  1. Receive the Spirit of steadfastness and hardy endurance (Matthew 24:13)
  2. Receive the times of refreshing and visitations from our Lord Jesus and His angels (Acts 3:19-20)
  3. Minister unto the Lord (Acts 13:1)
  4. Receive your portion of prosperity in times of famine (Genesis 26:1, 12-13)
  5. Extend the covering to all your family for these end times (Acts 10:24; 16:31)

The Lord bless you, encourage you and strengthen you to run the race He set before you (Hebrews 12:1-2). Amen.

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