Fatherly Talk 8.14a Delays and Extension

On 15th July 2020, I was waiting on the Lord for His Word for this Fatherly Talk series. As God’s Word is like fresh manna which refreshes us and renews us for man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4). On the morning of 15th July 2020 at 5:15am, I was woken up by the Spirit of God and His angels and the word was delivered to me with some revelations of the coming times. I also was shown the mystery of the four gospels and the work of the angels leading each of the four faces of the gospel that links with the four living creatures (Revelations 4:6-8). I was also shown those in this end time move and the struggles that each face in passing the final test. I saw that the only way they could pass the test was through listening to the Lord Jesus and to believe the spoken word that each had received from the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit and His angels; and not look at the outward circumstances and all that the enemy stirs up – doubts, unbelief, fears and anxieties which will circulate through words of the enemy, which will consist of half-truths but presented to the opposite of truth – lies that will have no basis in even true facts and reality. I saw some praying and others talking. I saw that some will be tempted to completely reject the move, while others look for others to lead the way through their wilderness like they did so in rejecting Moses, Joshua and Caleb. Yet they are those who held steadfast and held on to what God has confirmed in their own hearts that this move has begun in 2012 and continues on through the Adullam cave to its present stage in the second series of seven years (1 Samuel 22:1-2). I saw what the Lord was about to do.

I spoke to our Father God and His angels and asked why He didn’t give more signs and wonders, especially for the early followers of the move, so that their faith can be strengthened. The Lord replied that He had given sufficient signs through various witnesses and that more would have been required plus heavier penalties if more signs and wonders were given. He said that the signs and wonders were reserved for this second set of seven years and sufficient was given to establish greater faith required for this move (John 20:25-29). He reminded me of the transportation that occurred at the end of 2012, the remarkable visions and revelations that He had given to many in the move (in their own downloads and revelations of this end time move), the witness and experience of various others during the July outpouring in USA, the healing miracles He had done to those who need healing, the remarkable beginning of this move in 2012 and the various experiences of each individual during all the prayer walks, etc. He said there were sufficient signs and wonders given for the first seven years to allow inner faith in His spoken word. And then He said that the most important thing was the requirement to believe in this move because it fulfilled the written Word of God (the Bible) which was my calling like the apostle Paul (in bringing forth the New Testament understanding of the gospel to the Gentiles) and as the Voice that Cry at Midnight.

Our Lord Jesus said that the Voice that Cry at Midnight does not just bring forth the end time and last Word of the Lord for the End Times but it is also to show like the apostle Paul that everything that happened was in line with the written Word of God. He said many desired to lead this move, looking for supernatural visions, signs and wonders but none of them could explained the place of this move in the Holy Scriptures. He said that it was difficult even for His own disciples to see and understand the full gospel of salvation (that Gentiles can be saved without the law) and He had to raise the apostle Paul for such a time as theirs. In a similar way, it was difficult for many to see the relevance and the timing of this move, and like Paul, who was separated from his mother’s womb, I was separated from my mother’s womb (Galatians 1:15-17; Jeremiah 1:4-5). The most important thing to Him (our Lord Jesus) was that everything that God does is fulfilling of the Holy Scriptures. Jesus spoke about how after His resurrection, it was important that they believe in Him because He fulfilled all the Scriptures and not just because He did signs and wonders and resurrected from the dead (Luke 24:27). He said that before this move began, He had already made me mighty in the Scriptures like Apollos was, and which the apostle Paul had (except that he lack spiritual experiences until the Damascus road) (Acts 9:1-9;18:24). Our Lord Jesus said that this end time move is not just to do the works that He did and greater works (which is definitely a part of this End Time move – for this Scripture in John 14:12 remains unfulfilled) but it is also to establish and link this move to all that was spoken by the prophets of the Bible had spoken and to complete the final prophetic word in the times of the Gentiles, before the last week of Daniel (Revelation 10:1-7).

I then spoke to the Lord how that I wish my past life was more perfect like His life was, and it would have been easier for people to follow and not be stumbled by my past. The Lord Jesus replied that none of the people He called had perfect lives like His and it was a part and parcel of each person’s training to go through their various choices and sufferings. He pointed out that Abraham had his flaws but he was the father of faith, Moses had murdered, David had committed adultery and murdered and Paul, himself, had killed people indirectly. Our Lord Jesus said that He will always use imperfections as a test because everyone is imperfect themselves and they need to look within themselves to realise that all have fallen and come short of the glory of God and need the grace of God (Romans 3:23-26; 5:12-20). He said that in these end times, the abundance of grace will be shown and thus He called imperfect people into the grace of perfection through faith in His Word and in His Spirit. Our Lord Jesus spoke some more things and then He left but many of His angels remained and are looking at me writing this word now. There was an atmosphere of God’s presence like electrical energy in the air. Before Jesus left in the vision, He also said that just like there will be many antichrists who claim to be Him, there will also be many imposters who claim to be the Voice that Cry at Midnight and want to lead this end time move. He said that just as the apostle Paul was called to be an Apostle to the Gentiles, I was also called to be an Apostle to the Gentiles to established the Gentiles into the foundation of the Holy Scriptures and the Covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was shown that the four gospels were like the four living creatures and how it fulfilled all the fivefold ministry, which was birthed in Jesus (Ephesians 4:7-15). For Jesus Himself is our Apostle (Hebrews 3:1), our Prophet (Deuteronomy 18:15-22; Acts 3:22-23), our Teacher (Matthew 26:18; Mark 4:38; 5:35; 10:17; 14:14; John 1:38; 3:2), our Evangelist (Matthew 4:23; Mark 1:14-15), our Pastor (Matthew 26:31; Mark 14:27-28; John 10:11-16; Hebrews 13:20; 1 Peter 2:23-25). The four faces of the living creatures correspond to the four gospels which in turn corresponds to the fivefold ministries which is actually four plus one. For a long time, who the four gospels correspond with has been a matter of debate in church history as shown in the diagram below:

The Four Gospels representing Four Facets of Christ (extract from Wikipaedia)

Irenaeus (130-202)MatthewJohnLukeMark
Hippolytus of Rome (170 – 235)MarkMatthewLukeJohn
Victorinus of Pettau (d. 304)MatthewJohnLukeMark[5]
Epiphanius (310-403)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Chromatius of Aquileia (d. 407)MatthewJohnLukeMark
Jerome (347-420)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Pseudo-Athanasius (c. 350)MatthewLukeMarkJohn
Ambrose (340-397)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Augustine (354-430)MarkMatthewLukeJohn
Primasius of Hadrumetum (d. 560)MarkMatthewLukeJohn
St Gregory the Great (540-604)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Book of Kells (c. 800)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Adam of St Victor (d. 1146)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Jamieson Fausset Brown Bible Commentary (1871)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944)LukeJohnMarkMatthew
Watchman Nee (1903-1972)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
H. A. Ironside (1876-1951)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
Scofield Reference Bible (1967 ed.)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
Witness Lee (1905-1997)LukeMatthewMarkJohn

The key to understand which living creature the four gospels represent is by examining the original source of the author. Matthew is one of the disciples of Jesus and there is emphasis on the kingdom of heaven. Mark is actually the gospel according to the apostle Peter who had Mark, who was related to him, write down the gospel from his perspective. Luke is the companion of the apostle Paul and was one of those following Jesus while making observations. As a methodical physician, he collected all the accounts and records of the gospel and understood it from the apostle Paul’s perspective, writing the continuity of the gospel from the apostle Peter culminating with the apostle Paul, of whom he was a disciple (Acts 21:8; Colossians 4:14; 2 Timothy 4:11; Philemon 1:24). And John was the last of the twelve who wrote the gospel of John adding more details and accounts from his perspective; and finally writing the book of Revelations. John is obviously the Prophet, the eagle perspective; Peter (gospel of Mark) was definitely from the lion perspective. Matthew was a tax collector and also known as Levi. Mark and Luke refers to Matthew’s conversion and calls him by the name Levi (Mark 2:14; Luke 5:17). It was Matthew who then gave a great feast and Jesus was criticized for eating with publicans and tax collectors (Luke 5:29-31). Like the name Peter, given to Simon by Jesus, Matthew must have taken a new name and the other gospels, out of respect for Matthew, recognized his new life in Christ and did not refer to him by his old name, Matthew. Matthew wrote the gospel of Matthew anonymously and the superscription ‘the gospel according to Matthew’ was only added in the second century. The gospel of Matthew contained the phrases ‘kingdom of heaven’ (although there are passages that also reference the kingdom of God in Matthew), which contrasts with the gospel of Mark and Luke where the same references are only ‘kingdom of God.’ The phrase ‘kingdom of heaven’ only occurs in the gospel of Matthew. Matthew’s constant references to the kingdom of heaven and his new name Levi gives the overall picture of king and priest. The position of king and priest belongs to all mankind in God’s perfect plan since eternity and our Lord Jesus brought us into that place (Exodus 19:6; Revelation 1:6; 5:10). Thus in my opinion, the correct interpretation is that the gospel of Matthew is the face of the man. That leaves the gospel of Luke as the face of the calf or ox.

The Voice that Cry at Midnight was only necessary because all the ten virgins fell asleep and the Bridegroom seemed to be delayed (Matthew 25:4-6). The Lord Jesus told me that His timing is always perfect and it is human perspective that assumes that there is a delay in the fulfilment of Scriptures and prophecy. He said that all perspective delays are part of God’s perfect plan and it is actually not delay but an extension of His grace and love to each phase that is ending, which seems to be a delay to the next phase. For example, His extension of forty years of wilderness time, as judgment for the Israelites for failing ten tests, are because of His love and compassion to the first generation and second generation so that they could spend time together as a family, with parents seeing their children grow while children get to see the parents live out their lives and then pass away in old age. And Moses did not delay in coming down for God had it in mind to show Moses forty days’ worth of visions and revelations but the Israelites were just impatient (Exodus 32:1). Of course, God used the ‘perceived delay’ to test what was in their hearts just as He used the forty years to test what was in the hearts of the Israelites (Deuteronomy 8:1-4). And God used Samuel’s delay to test Saul’s heart whether he would learn to wait on God before going into battle (1 Samuel 13:7-14). Daniel thought that God had delayed fulfilling the seventy year prophecy of Jeremiah and God sent an angel to instruct him more clarity on the prophecy while he was interceding on behalf of Israel (Daniel 9:1-2, 19-27). In the parable of the good master versus the evil servant, the master’s delay tested the heart of the servant (Matthew 24:45-51; Luke 42:42-48). The angels of God in heaven do not want any delay in the fulfilling of all of God’s word and prophecies (Revelation 10:5-7). The perceived delay by the Bridegroom serves to test all the ten virgins and separated them into the foolish and the wise (Matthew 25:1-13).

Everything that God does is always perfect and on time. It is important for all to exercise faith and longsuffering to inherit the promises of God (Hebrews 6:11-12). As we begin this second set of seven times seven years, we must not cast away our faith in God’s Word, but persevere to do God’s Will in order to receive the promises of God (Hebrews 10:32-36). The end of times has started, seven years have passed, and we have only six and a half years to the third seven years of war upon the earth. Forgetting those things behind, let us press forward for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12-14). Amen.

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