Fatherly Talk 8.11 Mystery of God and Creation

In the Spirit, I was taken into the dimensions of God and all His creation. I saw all the mysteries of God and understood through being personified into His manifest Wisdom in Christ the purposes and the plans of God. Having been obedient to Christ and our Heavenly Father in all earthly matters including that which complete the earth cycles of life, I was brought by a host of angels into a place to view all the dimensions of creation both past, present and future unto all eternity. I was shown that Satan had opposed this revelation for a long time in very carnal and natural ways both through those who could only see one plane of dimension of existence in the first cube and those who are quickened by his evil spirits and fallen angels led by the “plastic tree.” There was a release of new angels for the work of the Exodus and also Spirit Beings who are assigned to usher forth the flow of signs and wonders upon the earth. Through Christ, I became one with Galactic Beings, created by God to hold the galaxies in place. Galactic Beings are mega spirit-beings who coordinate the work of watchers, archangels, spirit beings with the Throne Room of God. Beings which manifest and serve the Throne Room of God (Four Living Creatures, Twenty-Four Elders) are in perfect union with Galactic Beings in energising and sustaining life in the Universe through the Holy Spirit and the Word. I spent much spiritual time in this place in the Godhead and was met by Enoch who also had seen some of these things but only had a glimpse of the third cube because Christ was not manifest yet in his dispensation. These Galactic Beings are the size of galaxies and do not move much but are in a state of existence that holds and transmits the life and energies of God. Any micro movements would alter the Universe and timelines. They are like the thrones and dominions which God has set as energy portals throughout the created Universe (Colossians 1:16). None of these have fallen nor are they capable of falling for their union and knowledge of God is beyond that of the archangels, for archangels exist in them.

The Throne Room was not just a room but was a place of energy and life flowing forth from the Godhead: God the Father, God the Word (now Christ) and God the Spirit. Visible were the Throne of the Father and at His Right Hand, the Throne of Christ and the Holy Spirit in Seven Waves flowing forth from the Throne. There is no chair or actual throne like in human kings but just the manifestation of “humanoid form being” in a sitting position. Energies, thunders, lightnings were flowing forth from their manifest forms. All the twelve times two (12 X 2) energy forms of spiritual fire and glory, spiritual liquid like waters, spiritual vapours like air, spiritual lightnings, spiritual sounds like thunders, spiritual perpetual moving molecular structures like solids or earth, spiritual plasmas,  spiritual wave-light photons of varying colours and four types of spiritual energies: like fission and fusion (except this was not like nuclear fission or fusion of atoms but like fission and fusion of creation energies), like spiritual explosive and implosive energies, like spiritual energy forces of attraction and repulsion, like spiritual energy forces flowing as electricity and magnetism (except these involve spirit substances and not electrons or magnetic fields). Each of these twelve energy forms have their counterparts, like opposites of each other in complementary creation energy (Exodus 19:16; Psalm 77:18; Jeremiah 51:16; Revelation 4:5; 8:5; 11:19; 16:18) . They can be group into four section-types of manifestations: vapour or waves, plasma, liquid, solid. Not all the 24 spirit energies could work into our present fallen earth now but they used to all work complementarily before the fall of Adam and Eve. In the Millennium, they will all work again. During this present end time revival, they are working in us and complete their work as we receive our resurrected bodies, all ready for the Millennium. For those in Christ in this end time, they can be transformed or transfigured without seeing death.

The manifest form of the Trinity were like sources of creative energies that flow forth from the God Realm but instead of representing the source as a portal or window or door, they were represented by the Form of the Father and the Form of Christ the Word and the Seven Waves of the Holy Spirit that radiate all around the Throne in a sphere. It was like the Holy Spirit took the Form of a Sphere around the Throne of the Father and of Christ the Word, in a protective manner shielding us from the unseen invisible energies of the God Realm – the Uncreated Dimension of God. Every single part of the manifested form radiates energies. It was like atoms of molecular portals making up the entire form of God. The greatest energy flow was from the face of God. It was only possible to look at the form of God the Father by looking first at the form of Christ the Word. Through His eyes, the face of the Father can be observed. The Throne of Christ the Word is also now the Throne of the Lamb of God (Revelation 5:6-13; 7:17; 21:22-23; 22:1-3). Through the Lamb of God and His light, we can see the Father, something that had taken the whole history and destiny of mankind to accomplish and complete at Christ’s manifestation and second coming.

God showed me that in the beginning of creation before time exists that He had organized all things and completed them within three cubes: the first cube is the Earth Cube, the second is the Universe Cube and the third Cube is the God Cube. All past, present and future are contained in the Cubes, thus God has completed all things and rested like the seventh day of creation (Hebrews 4:3-4). The Earth Cube exists within the Universe Cube and the Universe Cube in turn, exists in the God Cube. Each panel within the Cubes represent a dimension of reality. Each Cube has seven dimensions: the Earth Cube has the dimensions of the Heavens, Present Earth, OT, NT, Things to Come, Things Unseen, surrounded by the Life of God dimension; the Universe Cube has the dimensions of the Godhead Trinity, Spirit Beings & Angel dimension, Creation of Galaxies and worlds dimension, Creation of man (which is the Earth Cube), Christ ruling on earth, Christ ruling over Creation dimension, surrounded by the God Creation dimension; the God Cube has no time dimensions and time-space continuum is completed. It has only the manifest realities (not dimensions) of God the Father, God the Word now Christ the Lamb, God the Spirit, New Heaven & New Earth, New Jerusalem, and surrounded by the God Manifested Realm which is the Universe Cube. The God Manifested Realm with New Jerusalem has three panels of Created Realm with three panels of Uncreated Godhead.

Although as the Earth Cube and the Universe Cube has seven dimensions each, the God Cube cannot be said to be seven planes of dimensions as God cannot be limited in a dimension. The God Cube is a synthesis of harmonious existence between three planes of existence (New Jerusalem, New Heaven, New Earth) and three planes of Godhead manifestation (God the Father, Christ the Lamb of God, Holy Spirit) surrounded by the unmanifested God realm invisible to all. The Earth Cube has six dimensions and its seventh dimension is within the Universe Cube which it exists in. The Universe Cube has six dimensions and its seventh dimension is the God Cube in which it exists. It is for our limited capacity of understanding that it is presented like a three dimension cube but in true reality it is beyond a cube and are like seven planes of existence reality each, thus making fourteen planes of existence, with one plane shared between the two created cubes (6 + 1 + 6 + 1). Any changes made to one of the fourteen dimensions immediately affect the rest. These can be arranged as a straight line of planes rather than a cube. We have taught about these cubes before but this time it is important to realize the order of the dimensions, as this will help us through faith to work with the Holy Spirit in Christ to effect changes within the dimensions and bring about the perfection of God into all dimensions. In this arrangement, THE ORDER OF THE DIMENSIONS in which reality and existence functions in IS IMPORTANT:

Earth Cube

1st dimension – top panel, Heaven – Life of God, Life of Angels and Saints. This panel joins with the bottom panel of the Universe Cube.

2nd dimension – bottom panel, Present Life – present life existence on the earth

3rd dimension – front panel, OT – life and substance of life from Adam to Christ

4th dimension – back panel, NT – the life and substance of life of Christ, the Word becoming flesh, the death of Christ on the Cross, the life of His apostles after His death on the Cross

5th dimension – left panel, Things to Come – the life and existence of things to come before the return of Christ and up to the Second Coming of Christ.

6th dimension – right panel, Things Unseen – the existence of the angelic hosts, spirit beings and their involvement with all mankind in this world since Adam was created.

7th dimension – surrounding all six panels – the life of God over all six dimensions and the substance of life within this cube dimensions

Universe Cube

1st dimension – top panel, Godhead Trinity – the existence and substance of life of the Godhead (Trinity) before any creation. This panel joins with the bottom panel of the God Cube.

 2nd dimension – right panel, Life of Angelic hosts – the existence and substance of life when the angelic hosts were created

3rd dimension – front panel, Creation of Universe – the existence of substance and life when the galaxies and worlds were created, when the angels were placed in charge over these worlds.

4th dimension – bottom panel, Creation of man – the existence and substance of life when God created this world and man in His own image, and placed angels to work with man. This panel is also linked to the top panel of the Earth Cube.

5th dimension – left panel, Christ ruling in the earth – the existence and substance of life on earth when Christ establishes His rule on earth; and when He returns in His glory in the Millennium.

6th dimension – back panel, Christ ruling in the Universe – Christ is Supreme in all the Universe, all the galaxies and worlds, all the angelic hosts and all life.

7th dimension – surrounding all the six panels – the Godhead realm surrounding all six dimensions of the Universe Cube. All these fourteen dimensions were created by God and can be viewed in a straight line:

When we pray and change one dimension, we change immediately have an impact upon on the other dimensions because they all are related to one another in realities. For example, sometimes in prayers we effect the angelic dimension of Earth Cube panel 6, immediately it has an effect upon panels 1-5. Past, present and future are all related to one another in existence reality. To God all created realities are completed, and it is up to the individual creatures with free will to create the final picture and story that glorifies Him. As long as the story is within the boundaries of His predestination, it will reflect His light and glory. The Cubes have a self-adjusting energy-time-space continuum like a rubber band and stretching one direction will cause a correspondent reaction to counterweight it. There is no chance (completely zero) or possibility of it going beyond the predestination glory that God has set. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses inherent in all the relationship of all fourteen dimensions will give a created being complete harmony and control over it. The Galactic Beings and the twenty-four elders with countless created beings under them (angels, spirit beings, watchers, etc.) function as immovable pivots which keep things under the control of God’s Perfect Will. Our progression through these cubes bring us into union with God Himself. As each of the panels are completed they are folded up in the dimension following them, and when all things are completed, they are folded up and absorbed into the Cube above them (Revelation 20:11; 21:1). As the Creation of God in Earth Cube and the Universe Cube progresses to completion (although already completed in God’s dimension), they cease to exist and are folded into the higher Cube until everything ends with the God Cube.

I was also shown the temporarily Judgment Cube (I call that the Minus One Cube) which consists of God imprisoning all the fallen angels, evil spirits and evil humans into a Cube below the earth. This Judgment Dimension consists of the panels of Present Earth above, and below is Hades, Outer Darkness, Dry Places, Lake of Fire, Bottomless Pit, surrounded and restrained by the Judgment Presence of God. God as Creator must create this Cube for a span of eternity to contain this evil.

I also saw the relationship between all Seven Heavens and the Seven Spirits of God: Mercy, Wisdom, Life, Power, Glory, Love and Peace (counting from seventh heaven to first heaven). These attributes of God’s nature flow forth from seventh heaven to the first heaven in such a manner that 1st heaven is derived from the life and substance of 2nd heaven, which in turn is derived from the substance of 3rd heaven, and so forth until we reach the seventh heaven and the Godhead. This means that Peace comes from Love, and Love comes from Glory, and Glory comes from Power, and Power comes from Life, and Life comes from Wisdom, and Wisdom comes from Mercy. Understanding the flow of the Seven Spirits means that all those who lack wisdom, need to grow in mercy before they grow in wisdom. The lack of a heart of mercy and lovingkindness will prevent true wisdom of God from flowing. And the lack of divine wisdom (not human knowledge or worldly wisdom) will result in less life, which means less power, then less glory, then less love and less peace. At first this will not appear reasonable to many people but a further examination of Scriptures and seeing this Truth will enable each person to truly grow properly and balanced in the Lord. There is a lot of confusion as to which attribute comes first and which is the causal of the other; thus, having a proper understanding of this relationship of the Seven Spirits will enhance power and glory from the Life of God.

I know from our earthly understanding we see love as the finale and completion of all things (1 Corinthians 13:13). To us, mercy itself is love unconditional but there is an aspect of mercy or divine forgiveness that is present in God Himself. It is this mercy that brings God to love us when we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8). It is because of the lack of understanding mercy that many Christians, who supposedly have the love of God shed in their hearts still walk in cruelty and judgmentalism that prevents them from progressing in God. God’s Life exists first! (John 1:1-4). And then His other attributes of power, glory and love. Also without an abundance of God’s life, we cannot have an abundance of God’s love manifest. Understanding which attribute comes first is one of the most essential pathways to true growth in God, just like understanding the laws of electricity and magnetism helps us build our modern technology. Indeed, an examination of those who do not have true knowledge and understanding of God’s wisdom have resulted in a lack of God’s life and love. Centuries ago, wrong theology and understanding of God has produced the period of cruel Christianity of the Inquisition time period (13th Century to 19th Century). The cruelty and harshness of the Pharisees in Jesus’ time shows us that where true wisdom is lacking, the life of God and the love of God will also be missing, despite the fact that they (the Pharisees are supposed to be the teachers of God and the Law) (Matthew 23:13-36). The Pharisees had faulty knowledge, lacking true wisdom, thus, lack the love of God (Luke 11:42).

We have not fully understood what Mercy is, nor have we understood God’s true Wisdom. Also the relationship between Power producing Glory is easy, but Glory producing Love is something fresh and we need more understanding of this, for our love is still progressing and we need to grow until we receive with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height, to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that we might be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:18-19). Amen.

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