Fatherly Talk 8.10 – Mysteries of Predestination Part 2

As established in the previous Fatherly Talks (Fatherly Talk 8.09), human existence begins with conception on the earth but spiritual existence pre-dates the foundation of the earth:

The question is what type of spiritual existence occurred before our birth on earth? From the account of Jeremiah, where God knew him even before he existed in the womb, the Hebrew word for “know” (Jeremiah 1:5) is the same Hebrew word (yada) as Adam knowing Eve (Genesis 4:1). This implies a deep and intimate relationship. Our Lord Jesus pointed out that the language of the Bible is precise, such that when the Scriptures recorded God as saying, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” it implies that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were alive in the spiritual-soul plane (Matthew 22:32). Jesus argued from one word, the word “am.” This implies that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were still existing in spirit-soul form although their physical bodies were dead. Even today, those who are dead physically in Christ continues to exist in the spirit-soul with Christ (Philippians 1:23). There is a spiritual existence without the physical body after a person dies. It is whether the person continues existence in Hades, then the Lake of Fire or in Heaven. This is shown in the story of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19-31). If once can accept the continued existence of a spirit-soul after physical death, it is only logical to accept the pre-existence of a spirit-soul before earthly existence, especially when the Bible has verses that show such possibilities.

As we have shown in the previous Fatherly Talk, spirits were created in God before the foundation of the world and continue to grow in various stages of growth. Some spirits were created as angels and serve God (Hebrews 1:7). Others grow into various civilizations that populate the Universe. The four living creatures came from a worship planet of living creatures. Others like Satan and his cohorts fell and became as they are today, fallen angels and evil spirits. Those of us who were predestined to be born as humans were created and hidden in God, growing through various cycles before being allowed to come to planet earth to be born as humans. We went through three stages of growth:

The Pristine Age of Angels

During this period, we were mostly hidden in God. We were allowed to observe the angels and watch them carry out all their assigned works from God. We were not allowed to interfere or to intervene or to participate in the test which all angels have to go through. This is in reverse similarity to the Millennium Period of Mankind when angels are not allowed to interfere, intervene or participate in the test of mankind born during the Millennium. This period of growth lasted a very, very long time in billions of years in eternity.

The Good vs Fallen Angel Period

During this period, we worked with the Holy Spirit and with the Good Angels in their battle against the Fallen and Evil Angels. It was God the Father who allowed us to experience working side by side with the good angels. Much of what we learned in this period is useful to our present calling on planet earth. Some of us worked with the worship angels, others work with the watchers, and others work with the warring angels. There were many more categories than these three like creative works, organisation works, energy works, etc. It was during this period that many of us became more specialised in our giftings and callings. This phase lasted like a million perfect years of earth, which is like a billion or more years in our present earthly counting. Our callings and giftings were created into us before the foundation of the earth but we grew much during this period and were trained to battle Satan and his cohorts later in our earth existence. Some of the fallen archangels were locked up in spiritual prisons near the Euphrates during this period (Revelation 9:14-15). We worked side by side with the good angels of God during this period.  

Growth in Christ Period

After all the fallen angels were dealt with and locked up or limited to certain boundaries, the angels took over guarding the peace in the Universe and we went into training in God and in Jesus for our special roles on earth. After some time, God began the creation of mankind as recorded in the Bible. Satan was also watching and God allowed mankind to be tested and sadly, Adam and Eve fell bringing the fallen history of mankind. We observed all of human history and many of us were watching all the Bible events that took place from heaven’s perspective in order to prepare us for our own specific calling. We watched how many of the good angels were re-assigned to planet earth when Adam and Eve fell. Some of the angels took roles that originally belong to humans which they will handover to humankind when humans are perfected in Christ. As batches of humans were born on the earth, the planet earth became the centre of the cosmic battle that begin during the Age of the Angels. From the creation of the earth, all creation in heaven knew that this was the ultimate destiny of the earth and all rejoiced during the foundation of the earth (Job 38:4-7).

Process of Coming to the Earth

As each spirit hidden in God was to come to the earth, they were taken to a place where spirits were prepared to come to the earth to be born as humans. A very careful selection had taken place to choose the parents of the newborn souls on earth. Each was given a glimpse of their work on earth that were all recorded in a book but were not allowed to remember everything recorded, only some things important as milestones (Psalm 139:16). There was a similar process of emptying like that which Christ went through in order to come to earth (Philippians 4:7 – the kenosis of Christ). There are quite a few similarities and also some differences between us and our Lord Jesus in coming to the earth from pre-existence which we outline below:

We had most of our memories and capabilities acquired through our time in pre-existence temporarily removed and were born in a natural way as a human being in an imperfect body.

We were born in sin and imperfection and have need of salvation (Romans 5:12-14).

We were born in imperfections with sin nature dwelling in our bodies and affecting our spirit and soul (Romans 7:23-24).

We came through a place in heaven created and trained, then send forth as infant spirits that were made ready to come to earth at the conception of the male and female seed.

We retained the giftings and training which we received in heaven in order to fulfill our predestination on earth. Some like Cyrus was to be born a king (Isaiah 45:1). Others like Jeremiah was to be born a prophet (Jeremiah 1:5). Others like John the Baptist had special callings to be like Elijah to come and the Voice Crying in the Wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord (Luke 1:15; Matthew 3:3). Predestinations are received in heaven BEFORE birth on earth (Romans 9:11). This truth does not seem fair to many people on earth but one needs to remember that the free choice was done BEFORE coming to the earth based on growth and performances during the first two stages of growth in pre-existence. We just don’t remember them. Just as the angels had free choice to choose during the angelic rebellion, we also had free choice in determining the type and kind of work we were equipped to do on earth, and went through a long process of training in heaven BEFORE coming to the earth. The training on earth is insufficient to fulfill God’s predestination; it takes training in heaven and on earth to fulfill God’s predestination. The training in heaven establishes our roles and calling, giftings and callings, into our spiritual and physical DNA and the training on earth helps releases the encapsulated DNA giftings within us. If it is not there in the DNA, no amount of training on earth can release it. It must be encoded into our DNA before we can release it. All encoding is done in heaven and not on earth, that is why before our substance was formed, a book is written of all our works and days fashioned for us (Psalm 139:16).

We inherited our parents’ strengths and weaknesses because our bodies were made from our parents DNA (Romans 5:12). For this reason, a very careful process has to be done by angels and infant spirits being trained to come he earth in the selection of the right set of parents with the right DNA of strengths and weakness to line up with the predestination roles to be fulfilled. These angels, who usually have worked with us throughout the first two stages of our growth in heaven, now partner and work with us on the earth as our guardian angels (Matthew 18:10). Together with these angels, we as infant spirits have visited our potential parents before we were born and even placed thoughts and desires in their hearts and minds to get together and become a couple, so that we can be born through them. This explains why sometimes good spiritual people have seen visions of infant or child-size spirits that look like angels.

If we walk in the perfect Will of God and grow spiritually like our Lord Jesus, we will discover our predestination and also be allowed to obtain some level of knowledge of our pre-existence. Any level of knowledge is only to help us fulfill our predestination on earth and the release of giftings and callings that were originally encoded into our spiritual DNA. Some people like Jeremiah the prophet and Paul the apostle had some knowledge of their pre-exist ofence (Jeremiah 1:5; Galatians 1:15-16; Ephesians 1:3-5).

Having a better understanding of our pre-existence and predestination will help each of us to be more diligent in bringing forth all the giftings and callings that God has placed within us. It will enable us to tap and flow into that which is in line with our spiritual DNA. We can only truly enter into the Rest of God’s Sabbath by learning NOT to do that which is outside our calling and DOING only that which God created us to be (Hebrews 4:10-11). God has indeed created into us, His workmanship, everything that we are to BE and to DO on this earth (Ephesians 2:10). Enjoy your walk in the Lord in peace, love and joy. Amen.

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