Fatherly Talk 8.19 For they know not what they have done

These are the words that Jesus prayed when He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they have done” (Luke 23:34). Who were the people that Jesus forgave? And what did they do? I thought through these and these seem to be the group of people whom He was reaching out to.

  1. The soldiers who were carrying out their orders and did not know what the motivation or the schemes that were going on around them.
    These would have included the soldiers who nailed Him to the cross, who stripped Him and mocked Him, who beat Him and whipped Him (Matthew 27:27-31; Luke 23:36).
  2. The common people who did not know what was going on but who were carried by the crowd to jeer and mock Jesus (Matthew 23:37-39; 27:39-40).
  3. The priests and religious people who were following the leaders of the Pharisees and condemn whomever they condemned (Matthew 27:41-44; Mark 15:31-32; Luke 23:35).
  4. The crowds who have been ministered to and helped by Jesus but who do not understand why He was crucified and condemned; they lamented and were grieved (Luke 23:27-31).
  5. The disciples and followers of Jesus who, at that time, did not understand what was happening (Matthew 27:55-56; John 19:25-27).

At the time when He was crucified, no one understood why Jesus had to be crucified nor were they aware of the nefarious plots of the Jewish leaders to get rid of Jesus as He was a threat to their existence and their religious authority. Behind them, of course, was the arch enemy the devil himself who had whispered and got all of them, including Judas Iscariot, to do his evil bidding (Matthew ot16:21-23; John 13:27; 1 Corinthians 2:6-8). Satan’s tactics has not changed, and he always remain the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10). For all those who are truly disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, the road is clear and simple when dealing with any issues:

  1. If there is any sin or grievance against one another, it is the Christian thing to go one to one, then two or three to one, then to the church (Matthew 18:15-17). There is no room for subterfuge, back-biting or working behind the accused. At all times, accuser and accused must come face to face and not work behind the scenes. In this way facts and fiction and hearsay can be clarified and truth seen clearly.
  2. In terms of forgiveness, the Bible is clear that what is under the blood of the Lamb cannot be dragged out and displayed like dirty linen for all the world to see and to shame a person (Matthew 18:21-35). Let him who has no sin cast the first stone (John 8:7). May God have mercy on those who dare to put their hands through the blood of Jesus to drag out another person’s faults covered by the Lamb of God and give it to the devil to use to shame and destroy another human being.
  3. The purpose of all correction is for restoration and not for condemnation or destruction (Galatians 6:1-5). Where the object is to destroy, to slander or to condemn, one can only say that it is totally unchristian and un-Christlike (even if the author claims to a Christian and a leader); which means that the source of such can only be from one source and one only – the devil, who comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

I think for most people, who truly love the Lord and want to do His perfect Will, the most important thing is not to be side-tracked and let non-issues become the reason for people not hearkening to what the Lord is saying in these end times. In Fatherly Talk 8.12 and 8.13, the Lord talked with me about a final test that those following this move will go through. I did my best to prepare everyone for the test but could not go into the details what the test will be. That was around the end of June and beginning of July of this year 2020. The Lord Jesus showed me that it will be like the test of Numbers 12:1-15. Miriam and Aaron were questioning Moses’ ability to be God’s representative because of his personal choice of wife. Those two matters were completely unrelated. As far as the ministry was concern, Moses was faithful and completely obedient. Like everyone else in the Charismatic circles, I have my fair share of prophecies and opinions telling me what people approve or disapprove of any choice I make in my personal life. I do know that because of my imperfect history and past and the imperfect history and past of the choice, it would be displeasing to many and I prayed, fasted and asked the Lord about this. The Lord gave His blessings and I had also confided with some leaders who act as my counsel and advisors. The Lord did tell me that it would be a test for His people to understand the choice made, but He said that He is pleased, and it will be a story of grace and redemption. Unfortunately, for those who already have their opinions set (or perceived prophetic word) or bias, it would be problematic for them. Sadly, some have read wrong motivations, imagined stories that were not true nor based on facts of things that have occurred, and come up with the most despicable conclusions. Some of those who condemned the candidate never even took time to get to know the person or the family. To all who are concern, just know that a lot of fasting and prayer, and adherence to principles of righteousness and holiness were followed. Never at anytime was sin ever involved. For me, my main concern is the Lord Jesus and His approval and pleasure, which He has given.

Recently, just before the writing of this Fatherly Talk, our Lord Jesus came and, in our conversations, He spoke and said that there are still two more years (implying 2021 and 2022). I understood this to be the time to 2023 when this end time message will have to be preached to the world and He would open great and mighty doors accompanied with signs and wonders. He spoke of the work that is to be done in these two preparatory years and that they are foundational to the coming work. He said that these two years are like the two years before Joseph was released from prison, even though he desired to be released early (Genesis 40:14; 41:1). He said that everything that has occurred has already been foreseen and He has His sheep who hear His voice who will not be shaken (John 10:27). After our Lord Jesus left, Moses came and we had some fellowship in the spirit; and I got to know things that he himself struggled with (similar to mine) and he was sent to encouraged me in the work of the end time Exodus.

From my recent visitation and encounter, these are important things that we need to take with us into the forty day fast that all of us will be doing (January 1st to February 9th 2021):

  1. The Lord Jesus told me that despite people finding excuses to reject me base on their own perceptions and conclusions (some influenced by others), His call and anointing was still upon me to bear the burden and message of this end time and bring it forth to this generation. He said nothing has changed and because of His calling, He has prepared me to endure and prevail over all these and He will bear witness to His calling that He gave. I had a good conversation with the Lord, where I said that if I had been more perfect, perhaps more people can hear and follow the end time message, but the Lord told me that whomever He chose to lead this end time revival, like me, everything in their personal lives would also have been trashed through by the enemy and He said many others would not have the endurance to survive through. He said He know His sheep and He said that this calling is like that of Moses and its training started even from the beginning of one’s birth like Moses, Jeremiah and Paul. I was humbled and grateful for the encouragement of the Lord. So here I stand, ready and willing to do God’s perfect Will despite all my idiosyncrasies and personality. I have been totally condemned and crucified by men and have nothing to boast of myself, but of Christ Jesus, of whom I will speak and magnify. I am nothing but a despised person in the eyes of my enemies, but thankfully, God can use a nothing; for my only desire is to live closest with Christ than any others on earth. That desire has never changed and is the burning fire in my life all the time. The Lord did say that if there were anyone out there who doubt His calling and this end time message, they can pray to the Father and ask Him, the Lord Jesus Himself, to confirm whether this is true; and He said that He will do so (of course, in His own way). So by all means, don’t just take my word, please check with God the Father and our Lord Jesus, whether this is true. Letting God bear witness is the best!
  2. The Lord Jesus said that the quiet times, which is during this Covid19 lockdown, are as important as the busy times, when we were busy going through open doors and preaching in large meetings or gatherings. He especially said that patience and endurance is a virtue that is being built into our character for these end times. Then after He left, archangel Uryaluzzael came and I understood some things that will happen to the ten toes. Before this visitation, I also had a dream where I saw ten toes and strangely, eight toes were painted with a yellow substance except for the two big toes. Also in the dream, I heard a voice saying “two years more.” These two years (2021-2022) are like the two years of Joseph after he met the butler, and God through His angels are working things upon the earth to bring about events such that the Pharaohs of the world will call for our help and aid. The dynamics of four regions of the world will change and be re-aligned: Europe, USA, Russia and China.
  3. Doctrine and foundation in the Lord is very important in these two years for there will be an increase in pseudo-Christianity such that if it were possible (but not possible, of course), even the elect would be deceived (Matthew 24:23-25). Our Lord Jesus said that deception and delusions will be allowed to increase but it will be nothing to those who have a pure heart and love our Lord Jesus and His Word. It will be easy to see through the fog of deception when our heart is pure. For those whose hearts are not pure, it will be very difficult to discern for their own hearts and minds will fight against them. He also said that the spirit of antichrist is the spirit of betrayal and destruction. Judas Iscariot has the same spirit of antichrist and is called the son of perdition as is the antichrist (John 17:12; 2 Thessalonians 2:3). He said that in the last days many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another (Matthew 24:10). I saw in visions shown that Christianity, as a whole, will be in disfavour in some places and in time, as the antichrist rises, will spread throughout the whole world, in cycles. There will a cycle of powerful revival (2023-2027), then a pause (2027-2034), then followed by a cycle allowed by God of disfavour (2041-2048), then another cycle of revival (2055-2060).

The most important thing in each of our lives is always to love Jesus with first love passionately and also to love His Word. Then out of that love, we can balance the rest of our spiritual and natural lives. When we love God with first love, all things will always work out for good to those who love God (Romans 8:28). In this forty day fast from January 1st 2021 to February 9th 2021, besides all your other items of prayer, do remember to cover these areas in your prayers and fasting:

  1. Receive the Spirit of steadfastness and hardy endurance (Matthew 24:13)
  2. Receive the times of refreshing and visitations from our Lord Jesus and His angels (Acts 3:19-20)
  3. Minister unto the Lord (Acts 13:1)
  4. Receive your portion of prosperity in times of famine (Genesis 26:1, 12-13)
  5. Extend the covering to all your family for these end times (Acts 10:24; 16:31)

The Lord bless you, encourage you and strengthen you to run the race He set before you (Hebrews 12:1-2). Amen.

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Fatherly Talk 8.18 Vision from God’s Throne Room

I was in one of the visions of the Throne Room, where I spent most of my prayer time, and the Lord by His Grace showed me how the power of being seated at the Throne Room works. I will combine the sharing of this vision with teaching regarding what it means to be seated with Christ in the heavenly places (Ephesians 2:4-10). I was shown how God the Father (with the Word) completed all things and then entered the Rest, as illustrated to us in God resting on the Seventh day (Genesis 2:1-3). Then through the ages of men continued, the next great God-event was when Christ came to the earth and become Son of Man (John 1:14). Upon completion of all His work, Christ resurrected and ascended to the Father and sat on the Throne at the right hand of God (Mark 16:19; Luke 22:69; Acts 2:33; Romans 8:34; Colossians 3:1-2; Hebrews 10:12). Then the third great God-event was released when the Holy Spirit came down to earth, to bring the church, the Bride of Christ, into this Rest.

In chronology form, it can be illustrated like the following diagram:

God the Father, God the Word and God the Spirit were revealed to some extent in a limited way in the Age of the Angels and before the Fall of Satan.  After the rebellion of Satan, the Universe was divided into three sections: the pristine, the Boundary and the Warfare Zones. After a period of time, God started releasing light into the Warfare Zone and re-creation started from the planet earth. God created everything in six days and entered into the Rest (a place of completion and authority). When Adam and Eve fell, which God had foreseen through His foreknowledge, God planned to reveal Himself through Christ Jesus, the Word made flesh the Son of Man and Son of God. All the history of the Old Testament pointed to the singular and greatest event of the coming of Christ. Christ came in the fullness of time, completed His work in atoning for us, and was raised to seat at the right hand of God. Being seated was the position of Rest and authority such that nothing else need to be done. In the position at the right hand of God, He waited till His enemies are made His footstool (Hebrews 10:13). From the position of rest and authority, our Lord Jesus released the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit, to come and bring the church into this same Rest (Hebrews 4:1-11). I saw from the Throne Room, the pattern of God doing His work, then entering the Rest; followed by Christ doing His work, then entering the Rest; and finally the Holy Spirit doing His work, and entering the Rest. The finale of the Holy Spirit entering into the Rest is when we become the habitation of God, the temple of God, filled with all the fullness of God, and entering into our place seated at the right hand of our Lord Jesus (Ephesians 1:22-23; 2:20-22; 3:17-19; Colossians 3:1-4). I saw the process of how the entrance of the Rest, which is technically and simultaneously the same as being seated at the right hand of God, released various forms of energy, angels and spirit beings to complete the process for each of the three God-events. And I saw the process in which the church-the Bride of Christ, enters into this process with the Holy Spirit. Part of these truths will be taught in the series “Seated in Heavenly Places.”

The first God-event of Re-Creation of Warfare Zone, with God entering the Rest on the Seventh Day, has parallels with the second God-event of Christ redeeming mankind and the fallen part of the Universe; which in turn has parallels with the third God-event of the Holy Spirit coming into the church to make us a holy temple of God.

Column below illustrates the parallel truths.

Title1st God-event Re-creation2nd God-event Christ Manifest3rd God-event Holy Spirit & Bride
  Spirit of Peace1st Day – Creative Light releaseLight of Christ shinesLight commanded to shine in our hearts – 2 Cor. 4:6
  Spirit of Love2nd Day – Waters DividedWord on the Throne, and Word made fleshSeparation of Wheat and Tares, light and darkness, heavenly and worldly
  Spirit of Joy / Glory3rd Day – Land, Grass, Plants and TreesWord spoken and sown    Abide in the Vine, all branches bear fru
  Spirit of Power4th Day – Stars, Sun & MoonBelievers are called out to various positions/ministriesGifts, Ministries, Offices given
  Spirit of Life5th Day – Sea and Sky AnimalsAngels and Spirit Beings assigned to work with ChristJoining of work of humans and angels  
  Spirit of Wisdom6th Day – Land Animals and MankindChurch called to be disciples and Bride of ChristBride fully becomes Temple of Holy Spirit
  Spirit of Mercy  (Throne Room)7th Day – Rest of God, everything completedChrist Seated on the ThroneBride manifests as New Jerusalem one Holy Spirit

I saw that when God says that He has completed everything on the seventh day, He did finish everything. God did not have to do even a micron of work as everything is completed to the fullness (Genesis 2:1-3). And when God as Father was complete, it was like God the Word took charge. Then when God the Word was completed, including the work of Christ, the Word made flesh, the Holy Spirit was released. Imagine like a sort of glory rest entering into a human body, starting with the head, then the body, then the arms and legs, and finally down to the last final toes – from top to bottom. The glorious part was that the completion of the work of the Holy Spirit (the God-event after Christ was seated upon the Throne) was actually tied to the church, the Bride of Christ reaching maturity and oneness with the Godhead! I saw that the Seven Spirits came to the earth for one main purpose, and one purpose alone, to fuse with the Bride of Christ and bring her into the complete oneness with God the Father and God the Word, through the Holy Spirit (John 17:22-24). It was when the Bride of Christ, New Jerusalem, had reached its fullness that the rest of all creation can enter into its own rest in God. What a privilege that God would count us first of all His creation to bring us into His rest (Throne) before all the other creations of God in the Universe!

In visions of the Throne Room, I saw that at first the Throne Room was just like One God on the Throne (in the Age of the Angels, and God was known by the name of God the Most High). Then the Throne Room seemed (for the lack of a better word) to metamorphosis into a Throne Room with God the Father- the Ancient of Day – The Word – with greater glory and powerful energies but still a singular Throne. The prophet Daniel saw only one main Throne (Ancient of Days, with many other thrones surrounding) and the Son of Man (Jesus) coming before the Throne (Daniel 7:9-13). When our Lord Jesus, the Word made flesh, completed His atonement and was resurrected from the dead, as He entered into the heavens and offered Himself as a sacrifice for all of us and the Universe, I saw the Throne Room metamorphosis again and there appeared another throne beside the main Throne, at its right hand, and Jesus went and sat on it. He remains seated at the right hand of God even though people on earth continue to receive visions of Jesus doing various things. There was another metamorphosis and it seemed as if the Throne Room grew again and suddenly the Throne had seven lampstands and seven stars appeared at Jesus right hand. The Holy Spirit for the first time manifested as Seven Spirits in an even more glorious manifestation of the Throne Room. It was almost impossible to further what was taking place in Throne room. All I know is that God was showing me, how after Jesus sat on the Throne at the right hand of God, that Jesus our Saviour and Lord, completely ceased all things and it is now for the next in God-event to work out the perfect work of Christ. Then the Throne room again seemed like it expanded to show the 24 elders and the four living creatures. I realized that human vocabulary is limited to describe what was happening spiritually in heaven and words like ‘metamorphosis, transformation, manifestations, etc.’ are not always appropriate but they give a sufficient sense of allegory.

It was marvellous to see how by just being at rest on the Throne so much (everything) could be fulfilled and done as the energies flow forth from the Throne. There is power in just being at rest, everything becomes fully the work of God and no longer just our works. He who has entered into this rest, ceases from his own works (Hebrews 4:10). This great mystery of how entering the rest completes all the works is something that we will teach in the series “Seated in Heavenly places.” No power or dominion or authority can come against those who dwell in the Lord Jesus in heavenly places. Entering into the Rest is the first and foremost place to fight all of this life’s battles. For then and only then will it be Christ in us totally and fully Amen.

Major Prophetic Events taking place this year that has prophetic significance:
• Brexit. UK is part of the ten toes in Europe. There will be destabilization when humans seek to separate one toe from the foot. It might lead to UK being broken up into Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and others. Much prayer is needed here.
• USA elections. Most of the evangelical Christian leaders had prophesied wrongly about the outcome and now Christianity as a whole will suffer a disfavour. We will watch to see whether its impact on Christianity. It remains mystery Babylon. The divisions of civil war have already been sown, let us pray for all the people, especially to ask the Lord to keep the innocent safe.
• In the book of Revelations, during the Great Tribulation, there are the four different coloured horses representing dominion, wars, famine and death. They are not fully release until after the Rapture. In the meantime, the sense of these four things will occur in a lesser way during this Seven Year famine. The stench of death is increasing with many sudden deaths. Let us pray for God to keep all safe.

Blessed Christmas & A Joy-filled New Year to each of you

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Fatherly Talk 8.17a Transitions

In September, we entered into a new transition, coinciding with the Jewish Calendar of the New Year. There are many types of transitions and this transition is one of the most important especially in the beginning of the Seven Year Famine (2020-2027). Anyone who does not believe in the cycle of seven times seven years is either blind or deaf; as by now every human being on earth knows that this year 2020 is so different from any other years in modern history. And those who never believe in the prophecy of the coming USA civil war in 2012, when it looks impossible, are now seeing even unbelievers in 2020 believing in this now judging by present circumstances.
Sometimes transitions happen gradually while others happen suddenly. Sudden transitions are like the following done in almost one day:
• Israel coming forth from Egypt to become a nation of its own (Exodus 13:3-5)
• The progression from theocracy into monarchy at the appointment of Saul as king (1 Samuel 10:17-25)
• The sudden rise of miracles under Elijah in the prophetic ministry (1 Kings 17:1)
• The instant division of Israel into two kingdoms, south and north, under Rehoboam and Jeroboam, respectively (1 Kings 12:1-17)
• The sudden appearance of John the Baptist followed by Jesus as the Messiah ushering in the New Testament (Mark 1:1-14)
• The rise of Paul as an apostle to the Gentiles sent from Antioch (Act 13:1-2)

Slow transitions are as follows:
• The transition from wilderness miraculous provision (which might have lasted for one year but was delayed up to 40 years) to Canaan fruitfulness provision (Exodus 16:4-35; Joshua 5:10-12)
• The transition between Israel being led by judges to being led by kings to being led by prophets. The time of judges (with overlapping judges for different regions lasted about 300-400 years. The time of kings leading lasted through the life of Samuel to the reign of David which was about 120 years (50 years of Samuel plus 40 years of Saul plus 30 years of David). From David, who reigned 40 years to the death of Solomon and a few kings later before Elijah showed up, it was a period of nearly 100-120 years.
• The transition between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Firstly, there was the nearly 400-year gap between the last Old Testament book of Malachi and the book of Matthew. Then when the fullness of time came for Jesus, we see appearances of Gabriel to Zechariah and then to Mary (Galatians 4:4; Luke 1:13-38). After these appearances and the birth of John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus, there was another thirty years when they both grew up to full age.

Although there seems to be a division between the sudden transitions and the slow transitions, they are both similar in principles. There is always the preparation and the testing that takes place before the transitions are completed. If we take the amount of time to prepare each human vessel for God, even the sudden transitions can be considered slow transitions. What exactly is involved in each transition? Transitions would bring forth the following:

  1. The preparation of the human vessel or vessels to usher in the new era.
    God does not go by our human clocks or calendars. God measures human chronology by the human vessels He raised for each dispensation, phase or era. Noah was the beginning of a new dispensation for humankind (Genesis 6:5-8). Abraham usher in the walk of faith prequel to the gospel (Romans 4:9-25). Joseph going into Egypt, though a tragic moment in his life, was the beginning of the fulfilment of the prophecy of Genesis fifteen when God will bring Israel into Egypt. Moses ushered in the law and the various animal sacrifices for the Tabernacle and for the future Temple. Each of these human vessels was a calendar and with them reaching the fullness of their calling, brought forth the new transition of God’s working with humankind.
  2. With each transition comes a new message, a new revelation or a new method; a new way in which God deals with mankind.
    God accepted the burnt offering all through the time of the patriarchs (Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham) but everything changed when Moses implemented the Tabernacle and the law. The burnt offering was incorporated into one of the five types of sacrifices plus the division of the people into priesthood, high priest and non-clergy. With the new methodology was a new revelation of the name of God (Exodus 6:2-3).
  3. With each transition, new callings and positions are created to bring about what God is doing upon the earth.
    The division of Israel into twelve tribes began in seed form under Jacob who was renamed Israel. This division of twelve tribes was adjusted through the time of Moses, with Joseph becoming two tribes and the tribe of Levi remaining a priesthood serving tribe scattered through the cities of Israel. Under David, there were divisions of armies for warfare, priests for worship and administrators over the kingdom of Israel. New callings, new jobs, new divisions that did not exist pre-David or pre-Israelite kingdom (1 Chronicles 18:14-17; 23:2-5; 25:1-5 26:1-18). Under our Lord Jesus came forth fivefold ministries of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists; and other administrative organizations within the church, the Bride of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-12; Romans 12:3-8).
  4. With each new transition, God manifest different things to the people upon the earth.
    The people in Noah’s time were to repent and follow him into the Ark but did not. The family of Jacob had to follow Joseph into Egypt. The people of Israel in Egypt had to follow Moses out of Egypt. The people of Israel had to make David their king before they enter into their full destiny as a nation. The ushering of the church in the New Testament had to follow the doctrine of the apostles for a good foundation to be laid.

New leaders, new revelation, new callings and positions and a new structure always result with each transition that is brought forth by God. God’s people don’t always follow easily and many times there is a period of struggle and resistance from followers before the leadership appointed by God on the earth becomes clearly visible. It took nearly twenty-two years, from the time Joseph was seventeen to when he was thirty-nine, before the brothers of Joseph accepted him as their leader. It took the tribe of Judah roughly thirteen years before they accepted David as king (assuming he was seventeen when he slayed Goliath) and the rest of Israel around twenty years before they accepted David as king over them. It took the early church nearly fourteen years before they accepted Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles and the new doctrine regarding the Gentiles that they don’t have to follow Jewish laws and ordinances (Galatians 2:1; Acts 15:6-29). Even after the Jerusalem council, there were still those who resisted the Council rules on the Gentiles, and they became the opposers of Paul’s doctrine (Galatians 6:12-15).

When the law was first given, it was not easy for the people of God to follow and there were early transgressors who had to be put to death (Numbers 15:32-36). Even Aaron himself lost two sons because they tried to bring fire which was not from the proper place of the Burnt Offering (Leviticus 10:1-2). Paul’s revelation that the Gentiles don’t have to keep Jewish laws and customs was not an easy doctrine to accept for the traditional Jew (2 Peter 3:14-16). It was also very hard to try to please two groups of culturally different people, such that inconsistencies can cause offence (Galatians 2:111-16).

In line with this train of thoughts, we must spend much time in prayer and worship with God knowing that:
• God has chosen us to lead this end time move
Just as God chosen men and women of old through different dispensations, we have been given a great responsibility to take the burden of this calling and spend time in the presence of God preparing ourselves to lead God’s people on earth. The callings and gifts of God are without repentance and though many would like to be the limelight leaders in this move and be the chosen ones, it is not men’s decision but solely God, who has predestined from the foundation of the earth. As was in the time of Moses, God has not chosen us because we were smart, talented or better than any others on the earth but rather He has chosen because of His love for us and His desire to show His mercy and grace (Deuteronomy 7:6-8).
• God’s revelation in this end time is concerning the establishment of the kingdom of God in the time of the ten toes (Daniel 2:44), and of His three-part Second Coming (the kingdom on earth – the glorious bride in fullness as per Ephesians chapter four and five; the Rapture and the Second coming landing on the Mount of Olives). To that end, we must prepare ourselves for He has released the understanding of the Seven Thunders revelation that was sealed since the time of Apostle John but unveiled in 2012 (Revelation 10:4-7).
• We are called into various new callings and divisions that prepare towards the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth; its synchrony with the four living creatures and the Seven Spirits of God, etc.
• There is a separation of the wheat and the tares taking place and God is separating us from the world and calling us to be holy as He our God is holy.
We are now almost through into the first year of the Seven Year Famine and only God knows all the details of things which are about to take place. The world has never been in the position that we have it today in the year 2020. Let us rise in our prayers and in our worship to the secret place of the Most High and behold the glory of God in the face of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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Fatherly Talk 8.16a Two Realities

We live in two realities, the natural reality and the spiritual reality. Both have laws created by God which must be respected and obeyed in order to function within each environment harmoniously. For humans who are not born again, they live only in the natural reality without knowing the existence of the spiritual reality. This also applies to born again Christians who live only in the consciousness of the natural world while being ignorant of the power of the spiritual reality. Yet between these two realities, it is the spiritual reality that affects the natural. God patterns the natural world after the spiritual world to reveal His invisible attributes (Romans 1:20). The physical reality is temporal and a shadow of the true spiritual reality, which is eternal and permanent (2 Corinthians 4:18). All the natural reality, which forms the visible natural world around us, were made by the invisible spiritual substances and elements and framed by the Word of God (Hebrews 11:3). Learning to live in both realities harmoniously is the key to walking like Jesus on this earth.

The natural reality consists of past and present experiences, with different memories filling our consciousness as they affect our soul and spirit. The spiritual reality is beyond time yet can fill our consciousness with past, present or future potential experiences. These two worlds interact, as one is a shadow of the other, with the physical being a shadow of the spiritual. We might think that all things in the past are just pure physical and natural but the Bible clearly states that all that is natural is made by the spiritual and invisible forces (Hebrews 11:3). When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit it was a natural experience but it was also a violation of the spiritual law of God, thus bringing all mankind into the law of sin and death (Romans 5:12-14). Moses had carried his real, physical and natural rod or staff, made from a real natural tree, with him through most of his forty years in the wilderness but when he threw it to the ground, the spiritual world elements and forces caused it to turn into a real natural physical snake (Exodus 4:1-5). Moses’ hands were physically either lifted or weighed down but each time his hands came down, Joshua was losing the battle and each time his hands were lifted up with the rod, Joshua was winning the battle (Exodus 17:9-13). The natural movement of Moses’ hands were not just natural realities, they became spiritual realities under the anointing of God.

Some natural events surpassed even human choices, such that there is nothing in the will of humans that can alter or prevent an event from taking place once it is sealed into dry cement. Before Elisha died, he gave a last prophecy to the king of Israel. Asking him to take a bow and some arrow, he commanded that they be shot against the east window (2 Kings 13:15-16). Having proclaimed that the arrow is the Lord’s deliverance from Syria, he commanded the king of Israel to take the arrows and strike the ground. The king only struck three times and stopped (2 Kings 13:18). He then became angry at the king saying that he should have struck five or six times until the arrows were destroyed (2 Kings 13:19). He then prophesied that the king will only strike Syria three times, and Syria would not be destroyed. What a link between the natural and the spiritual! There was so much free choice involved. The king had a free choice how many times he can strike the arrows. Even after the prophecy, the king of Syria had a free choice as to his own empire and what he did to it. Yet once an event is sealed into dry cement, there was completely nothing that human free will and free choice can do about it. There are some events in the future which are wet cement while others are dry cement (which means that they cannot be changed or altered. A natural and private event under the anointing of the Spirit, became the determining factor for all that occurs in the future between Israel and Syria. Before the prophetic act of striking the arrows occurred it was still subject to human free will but after that it could no longer be changed.

Abraham received many blessings from God through his obedience in leaving Ur and going into the land of Canaan (Genesis 12:1-3). After many wonderful experiences with God and receiving his only child, Isaac, Abraham was tested by God in sacrificing Isaac to God (Genesis 22:1-2). Everything was within the free will and free choice of Abraham. When he obeyed and God provided a ram to replace Isaac, a special blessing was added in that his descendants will possess the gates of his enemies (Genesis 22:17). How could enemies who do not exist yet be completely vanquished for all future events? It is possible when there is a special link between the natural event and the spiritual event. It was not an easy decision for Abraham to offer his only son, Isaac, as a sacrifice. Neither was it easy for Isaac, who at that time would be around his thirties, to voluntarily gave himself as a sacrifice. God sees the hearts of both Abraham and Isaac and gave them permanently the victory over all their enemies. All future free choices of men could not nullify what God had established as a permanent blessing of victory to Abraham’s descendants.

Many times, we read from the Bible of foretold events that seem to have no possible alteration by the free will of men. It is prophesied in the Bible that the Greek Empire will be broken when it is at its strongest (Daniel 8:8). it is a forgone conclusion that Alexander the Great would die young at his prime. And that his empire would be divided into four (Daniel 8:8). We read such stories and wonder about human free will. And what about prophecies regarding Josiah destroying the altar of Jeroboam or Cyrus rebuilding Jerusalem (1 Kings 13:1-2; Isaiah 44:28; 45:1)? Does Josiah not have free will and likewise Cyrus? What about John the Baptist who was named, chosen and anointed from birth (Luke 1:13-17)? Or others like Jeremiah and Paul who were called, chosen and anointed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5; Galatians 1:15). Knowing the preciousness and honour that God has given to human free will, it is possible that the events will play out as dictated by the power of God rendering it impervious to changes by human free will yet having elements of colorization by the individual human. Samson was chosen from birth to deliver Israel from the Philistines but there was nothing said that he should have been blinded and captured by them before his final suicidal battle with them (Judges 13:4; 16:21, 28-31).

Observing all these, we infer some principles on the dynamics of natural and spiritual realities interacting as follows:

  1. There are actions that have an impact on both the natural and spiritual world.
  2. Such events can be as simple as eating fruit from a tree or lifting our hands to making a major sacrifice like Abraham with Isaac.
  3. There are major cosmic spiritual events that affect all creation in the Universe which have an obvious side effect in the natural. Example the three hours of total darkness over Jerusalem when Jesus died on the cross with earthquake and graves opening at the moment of His death (Matthew 27:45, 51-52).
  4. There are symbolic natural events which uses God’s prophetic typology; for example, the tearing of the temple veil between the most holy place and the holy place from top to bottom (Matthew 27:51; Mark 15:38: Luke 23:45). The three sections of the Jewish temple has always symbolised the separation of the most holy from the holy, and it was important that this veil be removed as Jesus literally entered also the most holy place in the Heavenly Temple in heaven.
  5. It is possible under the direct instruction of God, to have natural events cement an event in the future irrevocably as in the story of Elisha and the king of Israel.
  6. Some events of significance to God and the Universe passes by unnoticeably to men on earth. Example, in the birth of Jesus, all the hosts of angels in heaven were worshipping and adulating God but on earth it was like a non-event, with men going about their usual business.
  7. We are living in a continuous flow of events from Adam to the present, filled with some dry cement determinations that cannot be altered by free will. We must respect them and flow around them in carrying out our individual assignments. Example, Israel was blessed by God since Abraham’s time and it was foolish for Balaam to try to curse them (Numbers 12:12).
  8. Conversely, we must also be sensitive to not associate with or be near anything which the Lord has judged or cursed. To do so would bring the judgments and curse of the Lord into our sphere of existence. Jehoshaphat, though he was a good king but allied with bad people, could not escape the fallout that came from the judgment over Ahab and Jezebel (1 Kings 22:3, 44; 2 Chronicles 18:1-3; 19:1-3).

The interactions between the natural and the spiritual do not end with the Bible but still continue as our God is still the same God who divides between the good and the evil in His sight. During the judgment of Babylon in the book of Revelation, a voice from heaven called out saying, “Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). At the end of the age, the angels will be sent forth to separate the wicked from the just (Matthew 13:47). At the harvest time at the end of the age, the reaper angels separate the tares and the wheat and then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of the Father (Matthew 13:39-43). The apostate church will arise before the antichrist is revealed (2 Thessalonians 2:3). There is a fullness of time for all things and we must hear the voice of our Lord Jesus, our Shepherd, so that we are gathered together unto Him in the end times (John 10:27).

The personal application of this truth is to be sensitive to all that is happening in the spiritual world and to know when the two realities of natural and spiritual are intersecting. There are some natural events in each personal life that are a test of cementing blessings in the future. When they are absolutely and clearly God’s word and instructions, we must flow with them and obey God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Everyone of us must be accountable to God to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. There is no place safer than to do God’s perfect Will. The spiritual world creates and frames the natural world by the power of the Word and of the Spirit. Hold fast to the revelations of things in the spiritual and they will, in the fullness of time, start impacting upon the natural world. The future is always in the spirit first and then as it grows to its fullness, will cause the natural order to follow suit. If we flow with the Holy Spirit correctly and in a timely manner, we will catch the waves of the Spirit flowing on the earth now. The spiritual world is always pregnant first, and then it gives birth into the natural earth realm setting the flow of events towards a predetermined future path. Should God instruct things to be done in cementing the things of the future, we must obey and release into the natural what God has determined in the Spirit. Never give up in the Spirit for we are Abraham’ seed who are both blessed above all the earth. Never give up a dream or a vision, or an edifying prophecy that you have correctly received from God; they were given for your predetermined victory. Amen.

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Fatherly Talk 8.15 – The Long Wait for Miracles

Every human being desires a miracle and every Christian loves the stories of Jesus teaching and working miracles in the Bible. Miracles in the Bible occur over the lifetime of those men and women of God who tapped upon the flow of miracles. There are those who think and believe that miracles are no longer necessary, but these are those who intrinsically do not believe in the continuation of God’s revelation in our modern days as He did so in the Bible. Others suppose that miracles are purely a sovereign act of God and has no human element. If that is true, then Elisha asking for the double portion would be unclassifiable as it is a human act of desire to work the miracles (2 Kings 2:9). Although this desire might be said to be divinely inspired, the theology of God’s respect for human free-will dictates that it would still involve human free will. Not forgetting that our Lord Jesus spoke of His followers doing miracles (John 14:12; Mark 16:15-18). For those of us who truly believe the Bible literally, we know that God still works miracles and the question is not ‘whether He works miracles today’ but rather ‘how’ and ‘how and when’ He works miracles.

Miracles in the Bible occurs when a man or woman of God rises to the scene of a natural world going about its human business. Life for the Israelites was sad and oppressive under Pharaoh when Moses stepped into the scene to take Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 7:1-10). From Moses to Elijah, there were men and women of God doing great exploits from Joshua, Judges and Samuel but none work miracles like Elijah did when he came to the scene (1 Kings 17:1-7). The great works of the judges and Samuel were specific to the situation and spaced out over years. Joshua, of course, flowed from the breakthrough in miracles that Moses had when the Spirit that was on Moses came upon him (Deuteronomy 34:9). It strengthens one of the principles we will discuss here that a breakthrough in the flow of miracles must be done first and if passed on correctly can last to the next generation; example, Moses-Joshua, Elijah-Elisha, Jesus-Apostles, Apostles-Deacons and Paul-Silas, etc. There are periods of miracles that God Himself sets forth prophetically in the Bible:

  1. The Abraham-Moses prophecy

Four hundred years before Moses, God spoke to Abraham about a great time of deliverance, miracles and provisions (Genesis 15:13-14; Exodus 3:7-8; 20-22). This time of miracles continues to the Joshua generation. Then it somehow stopped.

  • Samuel-David period of God’s manifestations

There was no revelation, visions or miracles before Samuel came to the scene (1 Samuel 3:1). From his first encounter with the Lord as a young boy to his finale days, Samuel brought forth another period of great manifestations and workings of the Holy Spirit. Samuel then imparted the flow into David when he anointed David. By the end of Solomon’s reign, the period of special manifestations seem to be ending with the exception of some prophets including the young prophet who prophesied against Jeroboam but died when he disobeyed by listening to the old prophet (1 King 13:1-32). (That is the price paid for not harkening to one’s own reception in hearing the Lord and yielding to every ‘Thus says the Lord’ from others that do not confirm what God has already spoken to one own’s heart). The flow of the Spirit of God continue through David, after he was anointed by Samuel, and it grew into a mighty wave through his mighty men, prophets and priests. Everything seem to stop after Solomon’s reign ended or it might have actually stopped during his idolatrous period.

  • Elijah-Elisha prophetic phase

There was a short pause with things spiritually dying down, until the rise of Elijah to the scene. Samuel the prophet had left behind a school of prophets and David’s ministry had created a wave of various anointings on many prophets and priests which continue for some time, though in smaller scale. In a time of great spiritual darkness in Israel, God raise Elijah to be a bright and shining light with mighty demonstrations of miracles. The school of prophets grew under Elijah and the many known and unknown prophets who functioned during the period of Israelite kings came from this flow. Some of them like Isaiah and Jeremiah continue to increase the flow through their own dedicated lives. Daniel was one of those who shone brightly (being himself influenced by Jeremiah the prophet and his own visitations) but after him the prophetic wave began to decline. The four-hundred-year gap between the Old Testament to the New Testament lacked much of the supernatural.

  • Jesus-Apostle New Testament period

John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus although he himself did not work any miracles. From the age of thirty years old, Jesus began His ministry after the imprisonment of John, being anointed by the Holy Spirit to work miracles (Mark 1:14-15). The period of the miraculous during Jesus’ time was prophesied by Isaiah the prophet about seven hundred years before Jesus (Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:16-20). After His crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus succeeded in establishing the flow of miracles through His apostles (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8; 2:1-4, 42-45). The Apostles themselves succeeded in passing this flow on to some of those amongst the leaders of the church, including the deacons, especially Stephen and Philip (Acts 6:5-8; 8:5-13).

  • Paul-Silas, the Times of the Gentiles

From an increase of miracles in Jerusalem to the highest point of healing by Peter’s shadow, things declined when the Jerusalem church became more concern with being part of the established Jewish community than being an independent body, with less and less miracles amongst them (Acts 5:12-16; 11:1-2; 15:1; 21:17-24). By the second generation from Paul’s time, the flow of miracles was tapering down Somewhere between the time of the third to fourth generation of those who followed the Apostles to our modern times, the flow of miracles stopped. No doubt there must have been occasionally miracles here and there but not extensively. From the Reformation Period, there have been various waves that has grown larger and wider and varying: from the rediscovery of salvation by grace to the restoration of fivefold ministries. These culminated in the revival of Pentecostalism at the beginning of the twentieth century. Finally we are in the twenty-first century, in a humanistic and many times atheistic society, with some Christians believing in miracles but not seeing them in sufficient numbers to constitute an outpouring of miracles.

Today, we stand at the threshold of the flow of the miraculous. This period in which we live has been prophesied forth in the Bible as the time when God set up His kingdom, approximately two prophetic days or two thousand years after Christ. In the days of the ten toes, after the demise of the Roman Empire, and during the period of the little horn versus the ten horns, God sets a time when it is time for the saints to possess the kingdom (Daniel 2:44; 7:22). This is also the time when everything that can be shaken will be shaken, so that what cannot be shaken will remain and we all receive the kingdom of God manifest (Hebrews 12:25-29). This period is in our modern times; yes, in the midst of modern distaste towards anything supernatural and spiritual. Only after the second world war, did the ten toes arose: almost simultaneously as the rise of the modern nation of Israel in 1948. The formation of Israel as a nation is a miracle after nearly two thousand years of wandering without a nation. In the year 70 AD, General Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the holy temple and since then the Jews have had no nation to call their own. These two thousand years are like two prophetic days in the prophecy of Hosea, after which God restores Israel (Hosea 6:2). And the same generation that sees this will live to see the last final revival of God. Jesus, who also prophesied of the destruction of Jerusalem, spoke in a parable that the fig tree budding and putting on leaves is liken to Israel coming back as a nation (Matthew 24:32-33; Mark 13:28-31; Luke 19:41-44). Only in the gospel of Luke does Jesus tie this event with the establishment of the kingdom of God (Luke 21:29-33). A generation is a hundred years according to the Bible (Genesis 15:13-16). Between 1948 to 2048, the generation that lives then will experience the events leading to the establishment of the kingdom of God in the days of the ten toes. The Lord showed that the event of the little toe felling three of the ten toes will take place between the years 2027-2029 (leaving just seven plus one toes). The kingdom of God has indeed come upon us in these end times (Daniel 7:20)!

As we saw the long wait between periods of high manifestations of miracles in the Bible, we will also see the culmination of two thousand years of Christianity leading to a great revival filled with miracles, signs and wonders. We are now at the threshold of this great event and must prepare ourselves for this outpouring. As it was in the Bible, so it will be in our time. There will need to be the following:

  1. Men and women of God must prepare themselves to be the recipients of the flow of the Holy Spirit, bringing an end to a dearth of the miraculous and the beginning of signs and wonders. As Moses, Elijah and our Lord Jesus prepared themselves, so must we prepare ourselves to receive this anointing and this commission. The best place to prepare ourselves is in ministering unto God with like-minded brethren (Acts 13:1-2). God always need willing and surrendered men and women to put His Spirit upon.
  2. Those willing must receive all the revelations and word necessary to prepare for the coming season of signs and wonders. God always brings His servants into a new revelation and understanding (in line with the Holy Bible) before His manifestation in their generation. God brought Samuel into visions and revelations before He brought him into the miraculous (1 Samuel 3:19-21). God brought Paul into a new revelation of the gospel before he became an apostle (Galatians 1:15-17). Jesus prepared His apostles with revelations and word before He poured out His Spirit upon them to work signs and wonders (Luke 24:44-49; John 15:1-8; 17:6-8).
  3. There will be a time of gathering together to wait upon the Lord, whether with a group or alone. This took place in the upper room in Jerusalem after Jesus ascended (Acts 1:12-14). The leaders of the Antioch church gathered to minister to the Lord and God sent Barnabas and Paul into the first missionary journey (Acts 13:1-2). Sometimes it is a solitary walk with God like Moses in the wilderness or Elijah before his appearance before Ahab (Acts 7:30; James 5:17).
  4. God will manifest and commission the individuals He chose for their special assignments and predestination. God appeared to Moses in the burning bush and sent him forth with the rod in his hand (Exodus 3:1-6, 10). God manifest to the Antioch church leaders and sent forth two of them; Barnabas and Paul (Acts 13:2). God showed Isaiah His glory and sent him forth (Isaiah 6:1-10).

As we see the world enter into times that has not existed before, we must enter ever deeper into the Lord in prayers and fasting and give ourselves to do the Will of God and establish His kingdom on earth, and it is in heaven. Forever is a long time and life on earth is short. Let us enter into the fullness of our predestination and calling and work the works of God in our generation. Amen.

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Fatherly Talk 8.14a Delays and Extension

On 15th July 2020, I was waiting on the Lord for His Word for this Fatherly Talk series. As God’s Word is like fresh manna which refreshes us and renews us for man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4). On the morning of 15th July 2020 at 5:15am, I was woken up by the Spirit of God and His angels and the word was delivered to me with some revelations of the coming times. I also was shown the mystery of the four gospels and the work of the angels leading each of the four faces of the gospel that links with the four living creatures (Revelations 4:6-8). I was also shown those in this end time move and the struggles that each face in passing the final test. I saw that the only way they could pass the test was through listening to the Lord Jesus and to believe the spoken word that each had received from the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit and His angels; and not look at the outward circumstances and all that the enemy stirs up – doubts, unbelief, fears and anxieties which will circulate through words of the enemy, which will consist of half-truths but presented to the opposite of truth – lies that will have no basis in even true facts and reality. I saw some praying and others talking. I saw that some will be tempted to completely reject the move, while others look for others to lead the way through their wilderness like they did so in rejecting Moses, Joshua and Caleb. Yet they are those who held steadfast and held on to what God has confirmed in their own hearts that this move has begun in 2012 and continues on through the Adullam cave to its present stage in the second series of seven years (1 Samuel 22:1-2). I saw what the Lord was about to do.

I spoke to our Father God and His angels and asked why He didn’t give more signs and wonders, especially for the early followers of the move, so that their faith can be strengthened. The Lord replied that He had given sufficient signs through various witnesses and that more would have been required plus heavier penalties if more signs and wonders were given. He said that the signs and wonders were reserved for this second set of seven years and sufficient was given to establish greater faith required for this move (John 20:25-29). He reminded me of the transportation that occurred at the end of 2012, the remarkable visions and revelations that He had given to many in the move (in their own downloads and revelations of this end time move), the witness and experience of various others during the July outpouring in USA, the healing miracles He had done to those who need healing, the remarkable beginning of this move in 2012 and the various experiences of each individual during all the prayer walks, etc. He said there were sufficient signs and wonders given for the first seven years to allow inner faith in His spoken word. And then He said that the most important thing was the requirement to believe in this move because it fulfilled the written Word of God (the Bible) which was my calling like the apostle Paul (in bringing forth the New Testament understanding of the gospel to the Gentiles) and as the Voice that Cry at Midnight.

Our Lord Jesus said that the Voice that Cry at Midnight does not just bring forth the end time and last Word of the Lord for the End Times but it is also to show like the apostle Paul that everything that happened was in line with the written Word of God. He said many desired to lead this move, looking for supernatural visions, signs and wonders but none of them could explained the place of this move in the Holy Scriptures. He said that it was difficult even for His own disciples to see and understand the full gospel of salvation (that Gentiles can be saved without the law) and He had to raise the apostle Paul for such a time as theirs. In a similar way, it was difficult for many to see the relevance and the timing of this move, and like Paul, who was separated from his mother’s womb, I was separated from my mother’s womb (Galatians 1:15-17; Jeremiah 1:4-5). The most important thing to Him (our Lord Jesus) was that everything that God does is fulfilling of the Holy Scriptures. Jesus spoke about how after His resurrection, it was important that they believe in Him because He fulfilled all the Scriptures and not just because He did signs and wonders and resurrected from the dead (Luke 24:27). He said that before this move began, He had already made me mighty in the Scriptures like Apollos was, and which the apostle Paul had (except that he lack spiritual experiences until the Damascus road) (Acts 9:1-9;18:24). Our Lord Jesus said that this end time move is not just to do the works that He did and greater works (which is definitely a part of this End Time move – for this Scripture in John 14:12 remains unfulfilled) but it is also to establish and link this move to all that was spoken by the prophets of the Bible had spoken and to complete the final prophetic word in the times of the Gentiles, before the last week of Daniel (Revelation 10:1-7).

I then spoke to the Lord how that I wish my past life was more perfect like His life was, and it would have been easier for people to follow and not be stumbled by my past. The Lord Jesus replied that none of the people He called had perfect lives like His and it was a part and parcel of each person’s training to go through their various choices and sufferings. He pointed out that Abraham had his flaws but he was the father of faith, Moses had murdered, David had committed adultery and murdered and Paul, himself, had killed people indirectly. Our Lord Jesus said that He will always use imperfections as a test because everyone is imperfect themselves and they need to look within themselves to realise that all have fallen and come short of the glory of God and need the grace of God (Romans 3:23-26; 5:12-20). He said that in these end times, the abundance of grace will be shown and thus He called imperfect people into the grace of perfection through faith in His Word and in His Spirit. Our Lord Jesus spoke some more things and then He left but many of His angels remained and are looking at me writing this word now. There was an atmosphere of God’s presence like electrical energy in the air. Before Jesus left in the vision, He also said that just like there will be many antichrists who claim to be Him, there will also be many imposters who claim to be the Voice that Cry at Midnight and want to lead this end time move. He said that just as the apostle Paul was called to be an Apostle to the Gentiles, I was also called to be an Apostle to the Gentiles to established the Gentiles into the foundation of the Holy Scriptures and the Covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was shown that the four gospels were like the four living creatures and how it fulfilled all the fivefold ministry, which was birthed in Jesus (Ephesians 4:7-15). For Jesus Himself is our Apostle (Hebrews 3:1), our Prophet (Deuteronomy 18:15-22; Acts 3:22-23), our Teacher (Matthew 26:18; Mark 4:38; 5:35; 10:17; 14:14; John 1:38; 3:2), our Evangelist (Matthew 4:23; Mark 1:14-15), our Pastor (Matthew 26:31; Mark 14:27-28; John 10:11-16; Hebrews 13:20; 1 Peter 2:23-25). The four faces of the living creatures correspond to the four gospels which in turn corresponds to the fivefold ministries which is actually four plus one. For a long time, who the four gospels correspond with has been a matter of debate in church history as shown in the diagram below:

The Four Gospels representing Four Facets of Christ (extract from Wikipaedia)

Irenaeus (130-202)MatthewJohnLukeMark
Hippolytus of Rome (170 – 235)MarkMatthewLukeJohn
Victorinus of Pettau (d. 304)MatthewJohnLukeMark[5]
Epiphanius (310-403)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Chromatius of Aquileia (d. 407)MatthewJohnLukeMark
Jerome (347-420)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Pseudo-Athanasius (c. 350)MatthewLukeMarkJohn
Ambrose (340-397)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Augustine (354-430)MarkMatthewLukeJohn
Primasius of Hadrumetum (d. 560)MarkMatthewLukeJohn
St Gregory the Great (540-604)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Book of Kells (c. 800)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Adam of St Victor (d. 1146)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
Jamieson Fausset Brown Bible Commentary (1871)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944)LukeJohnMarkMatthew
Watchman Nee (1903-1972)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
H. A. Ironside (1876-1951)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
Scofield Reference Bible (1967 ed.)LukeMatthewMarkJohn
Witness Lee (1905-1997)LukeMatthewMarkJohn

The key to understand which living creature the four gospels represent is by examining the original source of the author. Matthew is one of the disciples of Jesus and there is emphasis on the kingdom of heaven. Mark is actually the gospel according to the apostle Peter who had Mark, who was related to him, write down the gospel from his perspective. Luke is the companion of the apostle Paul and was one of those following Jesus while making observations. As a methodical physician, he collected all the accounts and records of the gospel and understood it from the apostle Paul’s perspective, writing the continuity of the gospel from the apostle Peter culminating with the apostle Paul, of whom he was a disciple (Acts 21:8; Colossians 4:14; 2 Timothy 4:11; Philemon 1:24). And John was the last of the twelve who wrote the gospel of John adding more details and accounts from his perspective; and finally writing the book of Revelations. John is obviously the Prophet, the eagle perspective; Peter (gospel of Mark) was definitely from the lion perspective. Matthew was a tax collector and also known as Levi. Mark and Luke refers to Matthew’s conversion and calls him by the name Levi (Mark 2:14; Luke 5:17). It was Matthew who then gave a great feast and Jesus was criticized for eating with publicans and tax collectors (Luke 5:29-31). Like the name Peter, given to Simon by Jesus, Matthew must have taken a new name and the other gospels, out of respect for Matthew, recognized his new life in Christ and did not refer to him by his old name, Matthew. Matthew wrote the gospel of Matthew anonymously and the superscription ‘the gospel according to Matthew’ was only added in the second century. The gospel of Matthew contained the phrases ‘kingdom of heaven’ (although there are passages that also reference the kingdom of God in Matthew), which contrasts with the gospel of Mark and Luke where the same references are only ‘kingdom of God.’ The phrase ‘kingdom of heaven’ only occurs in the gospel of Matthew. Matthew’s constant references to the kingdom of heaven and his new name Levi gives the overall picture of king and priest. The position of king and priest belongs to all mankind in God’s perfect plan since eternity and our Lord Jesus brought us into that place (Exodus 19:6; Revelation 1:6; 5:10). Thus in my opinion, the correct interpretation is that the gospel of Matthew is the face of the man. That leaves the gospel of Luke as the face of the calf or ox.

The Voice that Cry at Midnight was only necessary because all the ten virgins fell asleep and the Bridegroom seemed to be delayed (Matthew 25:4-6). The Lord Jesus told me that His timing is always perfect and it is human perspective that assumes that there is a delay in the fulfilment of Scriptures and prophecy. He said that all perspective delays are part of God’s perfect plan and it is actually not delay but an extension of His grace and love to each phase that is ending, which seems to be a delay to the next phase. For example, His extension of forty years of wilderness time, as judgment for the Israelites for failing ten tests, are because of His love and compassion to the first generation and second generation so that they could spend time together as a family, with parents seeing their children grow while children get to see the parents live out their lives and then pass away in old age. And Moses did not delay in coming down for God had it in mind to show Moses forty days’ worth of visions and revelations but the Israelites were just impatient (Exodus 32:1). Of course, God used the ‘perceived delay’ to test what was in their hearts just as He used the forty years to test what was in the hearts of the Israelites (Deuteronomy 8:1-4). And God used Samuel’s delay to test Saul’s heart whether he would learn to wait on God before going into battle (1 Samuel 13:7-14). Daniel thought that God had delayed fulfilling the seventy year prophecy of Jeremiah and God sent an angel to instruct him more clarity on the prophecy while he was interceding on behalf of Israel (Daniel 9:1-2, 19-27). In the parable of the good master versus the evil servant, the master’s delay tested the heart of the servant (Matthew 24:45-51; Luke 42:42-48). The angels of God in heaven do not want any delay in the fulfilling of all of God’s word and prophecies (Revelation 10:5-7). The perceived delay by the Bridegroom serves to test all the ten virgins and separated them into the foolish and the wise (Matthew 25:1-13).

Everything that God does is always perfect and on time. It is important for all to exercise faith and longsuffering to inherit the promises of God (Hebrews 6:11-12). As we begin this second set of seven times seven years, we must not cast away our faith in God’s Word, but persevere to do God’s Will in order to receive the promises of God (Hebrews 10:32-36). The end of times has started, seven years have passed, and we have only six and a half years to the third seven years of war upon the earth. Forgetting those things behind, let us press forward for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12-14). Amen.

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Fatherly Talk 8.13 The Final Test

In the previous Father Talk, ten tests were mentioned but only nine were listed. The one that is missing is the Sabbath law and it was a test of keeping God’s commandments on the Sabbath (Exodus 16:27-30). Some of the Israelites did not keep the law of the Sabbath but went out to look for manna on the Sabbath day. They were to gather twice the amount on the day before the Sabbath, and the manna remained fresh on the Sabbath day. God was dealing with the Israelites not to take the commandments and the laws of God lightly, no matter how small or insignificant it seems in the eyes of men. In the Old Testament the Sabbath law was punishable by death (Exodus 31:12-18). The law of the Sabbath was broken again in the book of Numbers and after death was meted out, God commanded tassels to be made as a reminder (Numbers 15:32-41). This law of the Sabbath was given even before the ten commandments was given (Exodus 16:22-26; 20:10-11).

This law of the Sabbath was the ONLY commandment not repeated in the New Testament. It was fulfilled in Christ, our Lord of the Sabbath, and all who are in Christ can enter into the Rest of God as God rested on the Seventh Day (Hebrews 4:1-4). Some Christians continue to keep the Sabbath and hold one day holier than others but the apostle Paul attributes that to their level of faith; advising each one to walk according to their faith level (Romans 14:5-13, 23). During the time of the book of Hebrews, not everyone has learned to enter into this rest and exhortation is made for believers to enter into God’s rest (Hebrews 4:8-10).

This rest is most of all a spiritual rest in Christ, a ceasing of all our works as God did from His (Hebrews 4:10). This spiritual rest contrasts with the natural “rest” which Joshua was to bring the Israelites into (Hebrews 4:8). This spiritual rest must also be a “soul rest” of the mind, will and emotions for the Bible speaks of being diligent to “enter the rest” and immediately speaks of the living word dividing the soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). There is great rest when it is internal in the spirit and soul, in the heart and mind, like a peace which guards heart and mind (Philippians 4:7-8). The word ‘guard’ is from the Greek word ‘phoureo’ which means to be guarded and protected by a military guard like being in a garrison. The angels and the Holy Spirit surround our hearts and minds when we are in this rest. The experience of it is like being filled in our spirit, souls and body with the peace, love and joy of the Holy Spirit. This three states of heaven is greatly to be desired and greatly to be maintained. It is also a state of continuously being filled with the Holy Spirit, of being filled with the Word of Christ (Ephesians 5:18-20; Colossians 3:16).

Indeed, when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, it is no longer us working but the Holy Spirit who works through us. It would be what Paul experienced when he said that it is no longer him who lives but Christ who lives in him (Galatians 2:20). It would be when he also said that it is not him but the grace of God who works with and through him (1 Corinthians 15:10). Has anyone felt that supernatural energizing when you do whatever God was instructing you to do, and there is this spiritual energy that seems to flow through your bones and body and there is no sense of tiredness or weariness? And all that your spirit and soul is doing internally is just praising and worshipping God. Oh what a glorious joy and power to let Christ flow through you!

Every test that God allows us to go through will always boil down to two criteria: love God and your neighbour; love God’s Word and live only by His word alone. God allowed the Israelites to suffer hunger and fed them with manna, so that they would learn to live by God’s Word and God’s Word alone (Deuteronomy 8:3). Every test is to prove what is truly in our hearts and to bring forth humility in our lives (Deuteronomy 8:2). Our hearts should be set to love God and love our neighbour, and to love His Word and live by every Word of God.

In my encounter with Jesus’ visitation as described in the last Fatherly Talk (8.12), Jesus spoke to me of a final test that is coming forth for all those in this end time move. The years 2022-2023 was highlighted to me and its importance as like the rock cut without human hands striking the feet of iron and clay (Daniel 2:34). I heard a voice cry out:

“Prepare, Prepare, the way for the people! Build up, build up the highway! Take out the stones, lift up a banner for the peoples! Indeed the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the world: say to the daughter of Zion, Surely your salvation is coming. Behold, His reward is with Him, and His work before Him.’ And they shall call them The Holy People, the Redeemed of the Lord; and you shall be called ‘Sought Out’ ( or Those who seek God utterly), a City Not Forsaken” (Isaiah 62:10-12).

And another voice replied and proclaimed:

“For the Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His dwelling place: This is My resting place forever! Here I will dwell, for I have desired it. I will abundantly bless her provision; I will satisfy her poor with bread. I will also clothe her priests with salvation, and her saints shall shout aloud for joy. Then I will make the horn of David grow; I will prepare a Lamp for My Anointed. His enemies I will clothe with shame, but upon Himself His crown shall flourish” (Psalm 132:13-18).

Then I saw a vision of thousands upon thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands cloth in white robes, gathering together to worship our Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God. From the East to the West, from the South to the North, a light shone and covered the earth causing darkness to retreat to various places in the North and in the dry places of the West. They stood in the air above the nations and proclaimed the praises of the Lord and angels went forth and divided the earth. Measuring reeds were used to limit the boundaries of powers, authorities and rulers; each in their place. I saw the God of heaven setting up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). I saw a Throne established and our Lord Jesus, Lamb of God, King of kings, sat upon it and there were set other thrones and it was like the first heaven, the second heaven and the third heaven had become one in the place where the Throne was set. The flow of glory from the third heaven where the Throne seemed to be (in its space and time continuum) descended upon the earth where worship and praise was given. It was like the saints were on the earth and the Throne flowed via three heavens with its presence upon the saints on earth; it was like in three planes of existence – dwelling in the third heaven and simultaneously in the second heaven and in the first heaven. Unlike the seventh heaven where God seats as the power and source of Life of the Universe without a visible “chair” Throne, there was a visible Throne which seemed to be specially manifested (created?) for the visible manifestation of Christ’s rule and reign from third heaven all the way to the first heaven amongst His saints. It was like the earth could not yet contain the glory of God, and God’s Throne manifestation in the third heaven was so powerful that it poured into the second and the first heaven. A highway can be seen which flowed from the third heaven all the way to the earth and its completion was the Second Coming of Christ to the earth. From the seventh to the third heaven the glory of God had expanded and it flowed in fullness towards the third heaven. All the saints have been waiting for this moment to join in the Great March of angels and saints behind Jesus in His Second Coming (Jude vs14).

There was also a great activity of angels and saints in preparing the end time church, the Bride of Christ, for the wedding with our Lord Jesus, the Bridegroom. It almost looks like our Lord Jesus had come forth in His full glory towards the third heaven and the end time church, the Bride of Christ, was being prepared to be raptured into the third heaven (without seeing death) for the wedding ceremony of the Lamb, which all takes place in the third heaven after the Rapture before the Great March to the earth. This end time move was like the final preparations of the Bride of Christ in purifying herself, without blemish, spot or wrinkle for the Wedding Ceremony of the Lamb of God (Ephesians 5:25-29). I understood then the reasons for the saints who had departed remaining in the third heaven; they were all preparing for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God. They were also preparing for the full glory of God to be brought forth from seventh heaven into third heaven (liken spiritually to a Great Throne manifestation) and the completion of it by angels and saints working together synchronised with the rock cut without human hands landing on the feet of clay and iron (Daniel 2:44). There was a burst of glorious light of love that flowed from the manifested Throne, where Jesus sat, into all of third heaven, second heaven and first heaven, that manifested into this rock which crushed to powder the whole statute. This solid glory grew, filled the saints and covered the earth. It was simultaneous with the judgment made in favour of the saints to possess the kingdom (Daniel 7:22). The apostle Paul saw this in third heaven as Mount Zion, the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, with innumerable company of angels, the general assembly and church of the firstborn registered in heaven (in the heavenly books whose names were written in the book of the Lamb) and the great shaking which shook the earth even as the saints on earth are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:22-28). And the Temple of God and its glory flowed into three heavens (from the third through the second to the first heaven on earth) (Haggai 2:6-9). There were many other things that God spoke of that needed to be done on earth to facilitate this manifestation, of which God has shown but to be revealed when the time is ripe in this cycle of six times seven years (with one cycle behind us).

For now, we must be faithful to prepare ourselves for that which God is about to do. Already we have many written prophecies in the Bible fulfilled before us. We have proclaimed them through some of the messages saying ‘This day it is fulfilled.’ And we have in the coming years the fulfilment of Daniel 2:44, Daniel 7:22; Haggai 2:6-9; Hebrews 12:28 and many more in these end times. Let us pass every test. What are we to do before a great outpouring? Do what Joel instructs and what the apostles did before the day of Pentecost. They spend protracted days fasting and prayer waiting on God (Joel 2:15; Acts 1:12-14). Learn to wait upon the Lord, be entwined with the Lord with all your spirit, soul and being (Isaiah 40:31). Amen.

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Fatherly Talk 8.12 Visitation from Jesus and His Angels

On the early morning of 14th June 2020, I had a visitation from our Lord Jesus and His Angels. This encounter was different from all the other usual visions and downloads and from the daily impartations of messages from the various angels and from our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit and Father God. It contained a message to those in this move and the preparations that are necessary for this move. As usual, I do not always reveal every revelation and encounter but there is a message to those who have ears to hear in this end time what the Spirit is saying to the churches, that I needed to write down and send forth and so use this newsletter as a means to do so.

The Vision

There was a gathering of saints, angels and the Lord Jesus in the heavens. This was after several more revelations of the various Cube visions (some of these downloads can be found in the Cube Revelation series on Friday All Night Prayers). I saw the gathering occured like in a section of the Third Heaven where God’s Throne manifested to the saints and angels in that section of Heaven. A great light shone upon all that was in the heavens and Jesus took all His apostles and prophets and various ministers in the fivefold in the spirit (for those who are alive) and those who are already departed in the third heaven. Angels from their domain in the fourth heaven also gathered, some of whom had assignments to the earth in the end of times. All of the seven heavens stood still as the message was delivered and there were thousands upon thousands of saints.

I looked and saw that all the various panels of the Universe Cube (and its sub-cubes including the earth cube) were seeing this manifestation of God’s glory like it was in the centre of the Universe Cube. The whole of the Bride of Christ (linked to the first Earth Cube and the New Jerusalem Cube (this part of the link explained in the fifth and sixth message of the Cube Revelation series) received an impartation and it was like a light went forth to the Earth Cube and was distributed by the angels and the Holy Spirit to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit says to the church (Revelation 2:7, 11, 17, 29; 3:6, 13, 22). While the sound of worship of multitudes of millions and billions of angels sounded like a roar of thunder, wind, lightning and running waters spread through the Universe, with various waves of glory causing the Universe Cube to tremble, my attention was drawn to see the light going forth to the church on earth, the Bride of Christ manifested on earth. I saw multitudes of saints receiving this light in the present (the bottom panel of the Earth Cube, and it also went into the Future panel of the Earth Cube (left panel) and it also went into the right panel, strengthening all the angels of God working on the planet earth. This glory also strengthened the points of open heavens present on the earth at various places including over Pergamos, over the places where the three archangels from the Universe (over Australia, as refuge zone; over Israel, as boundary zone, and over Russia, as warring zone) were standing above the earth. I saw that various saints have been receiving downloads to strengthened each of these three zones and some were obedient while some were not obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Their obedience or disobedience caused some repercussions on the events of the earth; with some areas receiving more light while others increased the darkness on the earth, making humans lives more easier or harder. Some died because of the disobedience while others became blessed through the obedience of the apostles, prophets and other fivefold ministers. Suffering increased in those places of disobediences and breakthroughs increase in the areas of obedience. The ministers concern will be judged for the responsibility of lives under their care and domain. At this point, I also saw that when our Lord Jesus told Peter to ‘Feed the lambs’, ‘Tend My sheep’ and ‘Feed My sheep’ that it also involved Peter being held to account at the Judgment Day for the lives of the sheep under him (John 21:15-18). The obedience or disobedience of fivefold ministers will either caused more light or darkness which in turn lead to more breakthroughs or more sufferings.

I saw the light also entered into the Angel of COG and he was energized to bring about the planting and growth of the ten thousand churches worldwide (this light also permeated through me while I was watching all these events). I saw that in the period of 2022 to 2026, it was a super-growth time for COG. I saw multiple events of the future flash in a few seconds. I saw the first part of the Great End Time Exodus begin in an organized way in 2025-2026 (many of the main organizers and leaders had already planted themselves in those regions during these second Seven Year cycle (2020-2027). It was completed in three years and after 2029 (2027-2029 are war years with great difficulty in travelling) there was a second part, which was like a humanitarian mission after the Great Shaking of 2029 (Hebrews 12:25-29). Many countries disappeared, others were so damaged with no airports so only land and sea travel could reach them. COG had a ship which could reach far places to evacuate survivors. During the first part Exodus pre-2029, there were four entry points in Australia and three in New Zealand. Many of our present leaders were already planted in their respective countries and based their Exodus work from there.

In the midst of great troubles that occurred throughout the world in the second cycle of Seven Years, tens of thousands and millions of people begin to believe in the messages of the end times and all ten thousand churches were successfully planted. Many of those who came during the outpouring were not as strong in their spiritual development and some of them died during the Exodus as they try to board the planes as their former sins had shortened their lives only to pre-2029. Not everyone was able to supernaturally transport themselves and they had to rely on conventional transportation. Those who were ready and spiritually equipped were sent forth in teams of two to five to every place on earth to preach and teach during the pre-2029 revival. There was an anointing on everyone of them and some of them had the glory of God visible upon them from this light that went into the future panel of the Earth Cube. Angels and Spirit Beings worked alongside each of these teams. This light also went into the places of refuge and changed the agricultural lands which yielded abundantly, more than sufficient for all those suffering the famine.

At this stage the Angel of COG was merged with the Seven Spirits of God and a message from our Lord Jesus Christ was given like the message to the Seven Churches of Revelation, through the Angel of COG. It was very similar to the message to the Philadelphia church but with extra lines that applied to the end times. It was given in another tongue (COG archangel tongue) and I translate and interpret it as containing instructions. I do not want to give it word for word as translated from the angelic language as I have to add human vocabulary to explain some of the instructions; for example the angelic word for ‘holiness’ also means being totally bathed (but it is bathed in the light and life of God; which for human beings, include being bathed by the word and blood of the Lamb, which Jesus symbolically did when He washed His disciples’ feet. It includes being totally obedient and humble before God, receiving the humility of Christ into our lives like little children, fully aware that every drop of our life comes from God who is our Father). The summary of the instructions are as follows:

  1. There is a call to be holy as our God is holy. This emphasis on being clean and holy like our God Almighty implies His holiness and light completely merged into every part of our beings.  A call to be holy in our heart, in our minds, in our emotions (allowing no negative feelings or thoughts), in our lips and in our actions. To be cleansed from pride and be clothed by humility as the time has come that God is dealing with all that contains pride and calling for complete surrender of our spirits, souls and bodies. God is love, God is light and God is holy. It is time to separate the world from our lives and our hearts and thoughts (Exodus 19:6; 22:31; Leviticus 19:2; 20:7, 26; 21:8; Deuteronomy  7:6; Ephesians 1:4; 5:27; 1 Peter 1:13-16).
  2. There is a call to be obedient to every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. His word is life for all those who live on earth (like oxygen in a dying world; implying that those who do not have His word in them will surely die) (Deuteronomy 8:3; Matthew 4:4; John 6:51, 63)
  3. There is a call to love and a reminder that the church today has not obeyed the commandment of Jesus to love one another. This commandment to love one another is important to our Lord Jesus for without its fullness, we cannot reach the fullness of glory within us (John 13:34-35).
  4. There is a call to triumph in passing the last test. I was shown that during the cycle of the first cycle of Seven years, we had passed nine of ten tests. Our present seven times seven years was like the passage of Israel from Egypt to the land of Canaan, and they failed in all ten tests (Numbers 14:22). There is one more final test before entrance into the land of Canaan. The ten tests of the Israelites when they came out were:
  5. The test of fear (Exodus 14:10-12). The Israelites were afraid of dying and wanted to return to Egypt; we were tested to burn our bridges to the old traditions of the church and embrace the end time move. The fear of death is used by the devil to rule over all men (Hebrews 2:14-15). We pass this test by loving God with first love and not loving our own lives, overcoming the enemy by the blood and by the spoken word (Revelation 12:11)
  6. The test of bitterness (Exodus 15:22-26). Although this was a test of dependence on the Lord for water, which ensures survival, the allegory of bitter waters point to healing from bitterness. For in the same context, the Lord revealed Himself as Jehovah Rapha – God our Healer. The root of bitterness still troubles those in the New Testament grace period (Hebrews 12:15). It is a poison that causes one to become toxic to others and to oneself (Acts 8:22-23). In essence, it is unforgiveness against oneself, against God, against others, against nature or circumstances.  This test is the test of forgiveness. God is our healer from all bitterness and hurts. We overcome by exercising mercy, love and forgiveness (Matthew 18:21-22).
  7. The test of fleshly appetites (Exodus 16:1-4). The Israelites desired pots of meat and bread in Egypt and started complaining. God provided them manna from heaven in the morning and meat in the evening (Exodus 16:11). Everyone of us born into this fallen earth needs to learn to fast and pray and overcome the carnal desires of our body. God and His word must be more desirous than our daily food (Matthew 4:4). We overcome by fasting, prayer and meditation on the Word of God (Psalm 1:1-3; Joel 2:15).
  8. The test of greed (Exodus 16:17-20). Some of the Israelites gathered more manna than they needed. Learning to live in contentment is a virtue. With little or with abundance, one needs to learn to live in contentment. Those who are covetous can never be contented (Hebrews 13:5). We should be contented with whatever God has provided, for godliness with contentment will have much gain (1 Timothy 6:6-10). We overcome by godliness with contentment, entering into His rest (Hebrews 4:10).
  9. The test of contention (Exodus 17:1-4). Although the trigger point was about water, the people contented or quarrelled with Moses such that they were so angry that they wanted to put the blame on him and stone him. It is easy to blame others for all our troubles. It is easy to pick a quarrel and fight with others. Learning to be peaceable and a son of peace is the goal for all those desiring to grow in Christlike character (Luke 10:6). We overcome by walking in humility, love and peace (Philippians 2:1-4; 4:8-9).
  10. The test of idolatry (Exodus 32:1-35). The Israelites made the golden calf as god in place of God. This violates directly the ten commandments. In the New Testament, we are warned against idolatry – making other false gods of objects or of anything (1 John 5:21). There must be no other God besides our God, and Him alone must we worship (Matthew 4:9-10). We overcome by humbling ourselves before God, drawing near to Him and worshiping and serving Him alone; loving God with first love and letting God make His home in us (James 4:7-9; John 14:21-23).
  11. The test of complaining (Numbers 11:1-3). With all the Lord did in taking care of the Israelites, they were never satisfied and kept complaining and grumbling. Instead of being thankful, they found reasons to complain. We must learn to have a heart of thanksgiving, which is God’s perfect Will for all (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). We overcome by the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving (Hebrews 13:15).
  12. The test of dissatisfaction (Numbers 11:4-34). This is a test of one who can never be satisfied no matter what is given. It is not just complaining but it is an intense carnal desire that can never be satisfied no matter what is given. It is a sort of addiction to the natural world, whether it be food, things, or anything else. This borders on the level of a presence of an evil spirit and is spread contagiously like a disease such that even Moses himself started complaining (Numbers 11:11-15). God said that He will provide so much meat until they became nauseated with meat (Numbers 11:20). Our only desire is for God and Jesus and nothing else (Philippians 1:21; 3:12-14). We overcome by dying to self and taking up the cross daily (Luke 9:23-24).
  13. The test of obedience to God’s word (Numbers 14:1-4). So many things went wrong in this test. The multitude of the Israelite chose to believe the words of ten men rather than Joshua and Caleb. They even wanted to replace Moses with their own leader! This was the final test that condemned themselves to death. We overcome by honouring His written and spoken word and obeying the word through faith in His word (Hebrews 11:1, 6).
  14. There was a promise of the beginning of blessings of the fruit of the land from spiritual Canaan – liken unto the one cluster of grapes so huge that two men have to carry it, pomegranates and figs. Grapes representing fruitfulness in Jesus, pomegranates representing His resurrection Life and figs represent His special covenant with us.
  15. There was a commandment to prepare for His outpouring in 2022, and Him sending us forth.
  16. There was a blessing of His abiding presence, His transforming presence and His transfiguring glory and life.

There were many other things which the Lord Jesus spoke about which we will talk and teach through the regular teachings and Fatherly Talks. He spoke of the cycles of the earth which coincide with the end time cycle and how He has chosen us from the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:3-4). But for now, let us love Him with first love and pass every test He bring us through. Amen.

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Fatherly Talk 8.11 Mystery of God and Creation

In the Spirit, I was taken into the dimensions of God and all His creation. I saw all the mysteries of God and understood through being personified into His manifest Wisdom in Christ the purposes and the plans of God. Having been obedient to Christ and our Heavenly Father in all earthly matters including that which complete the earth cycles of life, I was brought by a host of angels into a place to view all the dimensions of creation both past, present and future unto all eternity. I was shown that Satan had opposed this revelation for a long time in very carnal and natural ways both through those who could only see one plane of dimension of existence in the first cube and those who are quickened by his evil spirits and fallen angels led by the “plastic tree.” There was a release of new angels for the work of the Exodus and also Spirit Beings who are assigned to usher forth the flow of signs and wonders upon the earth. Through Christ, I became one with Galactic Beings, created by God to hold the galaxies in place. Galactic Beings are mega spirit-beings who coordinate the work of watchers, archangels, spirit beings with the Throne Room of God. Beings which manifest and serve the Throne Room of God (Four Living Creatures, Twenty-Four Elders) are in perfect union with Galactic Beings in energising and sustaining life in the Universe through the Holy Spirit and the Word. I spent much spiritual time in this place in the Godhead and was met by Enoch who also had seen some of these things but only had a glimpse of the third cube because Christ was not manifest yet in his dispensation. These Galactic Beings are the size of galaxies and do not move much but are in a state of existence that holds and transmits the life and energies of God. Any micro movements would alter the Universe and timelines. They are like the thrones and dominions which God has set as energy portals throughout the created Universe (Colossians 1:16). None of these have fallen nor are they capable of falling for their union and knowledge of God is beyond that of the archangels, for archangels exist in them.

The Throne Room was not just a room but was a place of energy and life flowing forth from the Godhead: God the Father, God the Word (now Christ) and God the Spirit. Visible were the Throne of the Father and at His Right Hand, the Throne of Christ and the Holy Spirit in Seven Waves flowing forth from the Throne. There is no chair or actual throne like in human kings but just the manifestation of “humanoid form being” in a sitting position. Energies, thunders, lightnings were flowing forth from their manifest forms. All the twelve times two (12 X 2) energy forms of spiritual fire and glory, spiritual liquid like waters, spiritual vapours like air, spiritual lightnings, spiritual sounds like thunders, spiritual perpetual moving molecular structures like solids or earth, spiritual plasmas,  spiritual wave-light photons of varying colours and four types of spiritual energies: like fission and fusion (except this was not like nuclear fission or fusion of atoms but like fission and fusion of creation energies), like spiritual explosive and implosive energies, like spiritual energy forces of attraction and repulsion, like spiritual energy forces flowing as electricity and magnetism (except these involve spirit substances and not electrons or magnetic fields). Each of these twelve energy forms have their counterparts, like opposites of each other in complementary creation energy (Exodus 19:16; Psalm 77:18; Jeremiah 51:16; Revelation 4:5; 8:5; 11:19; 16:18) . They can be group into four section-types of manifestations: vapour or waves, plasma, liquid, solid. Not all the 24 spirit energies could work into our present fallen earth now but they used to all work complementarily before the fall of Adam and Eve. In the Millennium, they will all work again. During this present end time revival, they are working in us and complete their work as we receive our resurrected bodies, all ready for the Millennium. For those in Christ in this end time, they can be transformed or transfigured without seeing death.

The manifest form of the Trinity were like sources of creative energies that flow forth from the God Realm but instead of representing the source as a portal or window or door, they were represented by the Form of the Father and the Form of Christ the Word and the Seven Waves of the Holy Spirit that radiate all around the Throne in a sphere. It was like the Holy Spirit took the Form of a Sphere around the Throne of the Father and of Christ the Word, in a protective manner shielding us from the unseen invisible energies of the God Realm – the Uncreated Dimension of God. Every single part of the manifested form radiates energies. It was like atoms of molecular portals making up the entire form of God. The greatest energy flow was from the face of God. It was only possible to look at the form of God the Father by looking first at the form of Christ the Word. Through His eyes, the face of the Father can be observed. The Throne of Christ the Word is also now the Throne of the Lamb of God (Revelation 5:6-13; 7:17; 21:22-23; 22:1-3). Through the Lamb of God and His light, we can see the Father, something that had taken the whole history and destiny of mankind to accomplish and complete at Christ’s manifestation and second coming.

God showed me that in the beginning of creation before time exists that He had organized all things and completed them within three cubes: the first cube is the Earth Cube, the second is the Universe Cube and the third Cube is the God Cube. All past, present and future are contained in the Cubes, thus God has completed all things and rested like the seventh day of creation (Hebrews 4:3-4). The Earth Cube exists within the Universe Cube and the Universe Cube in turn, exists in the God Cube. Each panel within the Cubes represent a dimension of reality. Each Cube has seven dimensions: the Earth Cube has the dimensions of the Heavens, Present Earth, OT, NT, Things to Come, Things Unseen, surrounded by the Life of God dimension; the Universe Cube has the dimensions of the Godhead Trinity, Spirit Beings & Angel dimension, Creation of Galaxies and worlds dimension, Creation of man (which is the Earth Cube), Christ ruling on earth, Christ ruling over Creation dimension, surrounded by the God Creation dimension; the God Cube has no time dimensions and time-space continuum is completed. It has only the manifest realities (not dimensions) of God the Father, God the Word now Christ the Lamb, God the Spirit, New Heaven & New Earth, New Jerusalem, and surrounded by the God Manifested Realm which is the Universe Cube. The God Manifested Realm with New Jerusalem has three panels of Created Realm with three panels of Uncreated Godhead.

Although as the Earth Cube and the Universe Cube has seven dimensions each, the God Cube cannot be said to be seven planes of dimensions as God cannot be limited in a dimension. The God Cube is a synthesis of harmonious existence between three planes of existence (New Jerusalem, New Heaven, New Earth) and three planes of Godhead manifestation (God the Father, Christ the Lamb of God, Holy Spirit) surrounded by the unmanifested God realm invisible to all. The Earth Cube has six dimensions and its seventh dimension is within the Universe Cube which it exists in. The Universe Cube has six dimensions and its seventh dimension is the God Cube in which it exists. It is for our limited capacity of understanding that it is presented like a three dimension cube but in true reality it is beyond a cube and are like seven planes of existence reality each, thus making fourteen planes of existence, with one plane shared between the two created cubes (6 + 1 + 6 + 1). Any changes made to one of the fourteen dimensions immediately affect the rest. These can be arranged as a straight line of planes rather than a cube. We have taught about these cubes before but this time it is important to realize the order of the dimensions, as this will help us through faith to work with the Holy Spirit in Christ to effect changes within the dimensions and bring about the perfection of God into all dimensions. In this arrangement, THE ORDER OF THE DIMENSIONS in which reality and existence functions in IS IMPORTANT:

Earth Cube

1st dimension – top panel, Heaven – Life of God, Life of Angels and Saints. This panel joins with the bottom panel of the Universe Cube.

2nd dimension – bottom panel, Present Life – present life existence on the earth

3rd dimension – front panel, OT – life and substance of life from Adam to Christ

4th dimension – back panel, NT – the life and substance of life of Christ, the Word becoming flesh, the death of Christ on the Cross, the life of His apostles after His death on the Cross

5th dimension – left panel, Things to Come – the life and existence of things to come before the return of Christ and up to the Second Coming of Christ.

6th dimension – right panel, Things Unseen – the existence of the angelic hosts, spirit beings and their involvement with all mankind in this world since Adam was created.

7th dimension – surrounding all six panels – the life of God over all six dimensions and the substance of life within this cube dimensions

Universe Cube

1st dimension – top panel, Godhead Trinity – the existence and substance of life of the Godhead (Trinity) before any creation. This panel joins with the bottom panel of the God Cube.

 2nd dimension – right panel, Life of Angelic hosts – the existence and substance of life when the angelic hosts were created

3rd dimension – front panel, Creation of Universe – the existence of substance and life when the galaxies and worlds were created, when the angels were placed in charge over these worlds.

4th dimension – bottom panel, Creation of man – the existence and substance of life when God created this world and man in His own image, and placed angels to work with man. This panel is also linked to the top panel of the Earth Cube.

5th dimension – left panel, Christ ruling in the earth – the existence and substance of life on earth when Christ establishes His rule on earth; and when He returns in His glory in the Millennium.

6th dimension – back panel, Christ ruling in the Universe – Christ is Supreme in all the Universe, all the galaxies and worlds, all the angelic hosts and all life.

7th dimension – surrounding all the six panels – the Godhead realm surrounding all six dimensions of the Universe Cube. All these fourteen dimensions were created by God and can be viewed in a straight line:

When we pray and change one dimension, we change immediately have an impact upon on the other dimensions because they all are related to one another in realities. For example, sometimes in prayers we effect the angelic dimension of Earth Cube panel 6, immediately it has an effect upon panels 1-5. Past, present and future are all related to one another in existence reality. To God all created realities are completed, and it is up to the individual creatures with free will to create the final picture and story that glorifies Him. As long as the story is within the boundaries of His predestination, it will reflect His light and glory. The Cubes have a self-adjusting energy-time-space continuum like a rubber band and stretching one direction will cause a correspondent reaction to counterweight it. There is no chance (completely zero) or possibility of it going beyond the predestination glory that God has set. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses inherent in all the relationship of all fourteen dimensions will give a created being complete harmony and control over it. The Galactic Beings and the twenty-four elders with countless created beings under them (angels, spirit beings, watchers, etc.) function as immovable pivots which keep things under the control of God’s Perfect Will. Our progression through these cubes bring us into union with God Himself. As each of the panels are completed they are folded up in the dimension following them, and when all things are completed, they are folded up and absorbed into the Cube above them (Revelation 20:11; 21:1). As the Creation of God in Earth Cube and the Universe Cube progresses to completion (although already completed in God’s dimension), they cease to exist and are folded into the higher Cube until everything ends with the God Cube.

I was also shown the temporarily Judgment Cube (I call that the Minus One Cube) which consists of God imprisoning all the fallen angels, evil spirits and evil humans into a Cube below the earth. This Judgment Dimension consists of the panels of Present Earth above, and below is Hades, Outer Darkness, Dry Places, Lake of Fire, Bottomless Pit, surrounded and restrained by the Judgment Presence of God. God as Creator must create this Cube for a span of eternity to contain this evil.

I also saw the relationship between all Seven Heavens and the Seven Spirits of God: Mercy, Wisdom, Life, Power, Glory, Love and Peace (counting from seventh heaven to first heaven). These attributes of God’s nature flow forth from seventh heaven to the first heaven in such a manner that 1st heaven is derived from the life and substance of 2nd heaven, which in turn is derived from the substance of 3rd heaven, and so forth until we reach the seventh heaven and the Godhead. This means that Peace comes from Love, and Love comes from Glory, and Glory comes from Power, and Power comes from Life, and Life comes from Wisdom, and Wisdom comes from Mercy. Understanding the flow of the Seven Spirits means that all those who lack wisdom, need to grow in mercy before they grow in wisdom. The lack of a heart of mercy and lovingkindness will prevent true wisdom of God from flowing. And the lack of divine wisdom (not human knowledge or worldly wisdom) will result in less life, which means less power, then less glory, then less love and less peace. At first this will not appear reasonable to many people but a further examination of Scriptures and seeing this Truth will enable each person to truly grow properly and balanced in the Lord. There is a lot of confusion as to which attribute comes first and which is the causal of the other; thus, having a proper understanding of this relationship of the Seven Spirits will enhance power and glory from the Life of God.

I know from our earthly understanding we see love as the finale and completion of all things (1 Corinthians 13:13). To us, mercy itself is love unconditional but there is an aspect of mercy or divine forgiveness that is present in God Himself. It is this mercy that brings God to love us when we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8). It is because of the lack of understanding mercy that many Christians, who supposedly have the love of God shed in their hearts still walk in cruelty and judgmentalism that prevents them from progressing in God. God’s Life exists first! (John 1:1-4). And then His other attributes of power, glory and love. Also without an abundance of God’s life, we cannot have an abundance of God’s love manifest. Understanding which attribute comes first is one of the most essential pathways to true growth in God, just like understanding the laws of electricity and magnetism helps us build our modern technology. Indeed, an examination of those who do not have true knowledge and understanding of God’s wisdom have resulted in a lack of God’s life and love. Centuries ago, wrong theology and understanding of God has produced the period of cruel Christianity of the Inquisition time period (13th Century to 19th Century). The cruelty and harshness of the Pharisees in Jesus’ time shows us that where true wisdom is lacking, the life of God and the love of God will also be missing, despite the fact that they (the Pharisees are supposed to be the teachers of God and the Law) (Matthew 23:13-36). The Pharisees had faulty knowledge, lacking true wisdom, thus, lack the love of God (Luke 11:42).

We have not fully understood what Mercy is, nor have we understood God’s true Wisdom. Also the relationship between Power producing Glory is easy, but Glory producing Love is something fresh and we need more understanding of this, for our love is still progressing and we need to grow until we receive with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height, to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that we might be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:18-19). Amen.

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Fatherly Talk 8.10 – Mysteries of Predestination Part 2

As established in the previous Fatherly Talks (Fatherly Talk 8.09), human existence begins with conception on the earth but spiritual existence pre-dates the foundation of the earth:

The question is what type of spiritual existence occurred before our birth on earth? From the account of Jeremiah, where God knew him even before he existed in the womb, the Hebrew word for “know” (Jeremiah 1:5) is the same Hebrew word (yada) as Adam knowing Eve (Genesis 4:1). This implies a deep and intimate relationship. Our Lord Jesus pointed out that the language of the Bible is precise, such that when the Scriptures recorded God as saying, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” it implies that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were alive in the spiritual-soul plane (Matthew 22:32). Jesus argued from one word, the word “am.” This implies that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were still existing in spirit-soul form although their physical bodies were dead. Even today, those who are dead physically in Christ continues to exist in the spirit-soul with Christ (Philippians 1:23). There is a spiritual existence without the physical body after a person dies. It is whether the person continues existence in Hades, then the Lake of Fire or in Heaven. This is shown in the story of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19-31). If once can accept the continued existence of a spirit-soul after physical death, it is only logical to accept the pre-existence of a spirit-soul before earthly existence, especially when the Bible has verses that show such possibilities.

As we have shown in the previous Fatherly Talk, spirits were created in God before the foundation of the world and continue to grow in various stages of growth. Some spirits were created as angels and serve God (Hebrews 1:7). Others grow into various civilizations that populate the Universe. The four living creatures came from a worship planet of living creatures. Others like Satan and his cohorts fell and became as they are today, fallen angels and evil spirits. Those of us who were predestined to be born as humans were created and hidden in God, growing through various cycles before being allowed to come to planet earth to be born as humans. We went through three stages of growth:

The Pristine Age of Angels

During this period, we were mostly hidden in God. We were allowed to observe the angels and watch them carry out all their assigned works from God. We were not allowed to interfere or to intervene or to participate in the test which all angels have to go through. This is in reverse similarity to the Millennium Period of Mankind when angels are not allowed to interfere, intervene or participate in the test of mankind born during the Millennium. This period of growth lasted a very, very long time in billions of years in eternity.

The Good vs Fallen Angel Period

During this period, we worked with the Holy Spirit and with the Good Angels in their battle against the Fallen and Evil Angels. It was God the Father who allowed us to experience working side by side with the good angels. Much of what we learned in this period is useful to our present calling on planet earth. Some of us worked with the worship angels, others work with the watchers, and others work with the warring angels. There were many more categories than these three like creative works, organisation works, energy works, etc. It was during this period that many of us became more specialised in our giftings and callings. This phase lasted like a million perfect years of earth, which is like a billion or more years in our present earthly counting. Our callings and giftings were created into us before the foundation of the earth but we grew much during this period and were trained to battle Satan and his cohorts later in our earth existence. Some of the fallen archangels were locked up in spiritual prisons near the Euphrates during this period (Revelation 9:14-15). We worked side by side with the good angels of God during this period.  

Growth in Christ Period

After all the fallen angels were dealt with and locked up or limited to certain boundaries, the angels took over guarding the peace in the Universe and we went into training in God and in Jesus for our special roles on earth. After some time, God began the creation of mankind as recorded in the Bible. Satan was also watching and God allowed mankind to be tested and sadly, Adam and Eve fell bringing the fallen history of mankind. We observed all of human history and many of us were watching all the Bible events that took place from heaven’s perspective in order to prepare us for our own specific calling. We watched how many of the good angels were re-assigned to planet earth when Adam and Eve fell. Some of the angels took roles that originally belong to humans which they will handover to humankind when humans are perfected in Christ. As batches of humans were born on the earth, the planet earth became the centre of the cosmic battle that begin during the Age of the Angels. From the creation of the earth, all creation in heaven knew that this was the ultimate destiny of the earth and all rejoiced during the foundation of the earth (Job 38:4-7).

Process of Coming to the Earth

As each spirit hidden in God was to come to the earth, they were taken to a place where spirits were prepared to come to the earth to be born as humans. A very careful selection had taken place to choose the parents of the newborn souls on earth. Each was given a glimpse of their work on earth that were all recorded in a book but were not allowed to remember everything recorded, only some things important as milestones (Psalm 139:16). There was a similar process of emptying like that which Christ went through in order to come to earth (Philippians 4:7 – the kenosis of Christ). There are quite a few similarities and also some differences between us and our Lord Jesus in coming to the earth from pre-existence which we outline below:

We had most of our memories and capabilities acquired through our time in pre-existence temporarily removed and were born in a natural way as a human being in an imperfect body.

We were born in sin and imperfection and have need of salvation (Romans 5:12-14).

We were born in imperfections with sin nature dwelling in our bodies and affecting our spirit and soul (Romans 7:23-24).

We came through a place in heaven created and trained, then send forth as infant spirits that were made ready to come to earth at the conception of the male and female seed.

We retained the giftings and training which we received in heaven in order to fulfill our predestination on earth. Some like Cyrus was to be born a king (Isaiah 45:1). Others like Jeremiah was to be born a prophet (Jeremiah 1:5). Others like John the Baptist had special callings to be like Elijah to come and the Voice Crying in the Wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord (Luke 1:15; Matthew 3:3). Predestinations are received in heaven BEFORE birth on earth (Romans 9:11). This truth does not seem fair to many people on earth but one needs to remember that the free choice was done BEFORE coming to the earth based on growth and performances during the first two stages of growth in pre-existence. We just don’t remember them. Just as the angels had free choice to choose during the angelic rebellion, we also had free choice in determining the type and kind of work we were equipped to do on earth, and went through a long process of training in heaven BEFORE coming to the earth. The training on earth is insufficient to fulfill God’s predestination; it takes training in heaven and on earth to fulfill God’s predestination. The training in heaven establishes our roles and calling, giftings and callings, into our spiritual and physical DNA and the training on earth helps releases the encapsulated DNA giftings within us. If it is not there in the DNA, no amount of training on earth can release it. It must be encoded into our DNA before we can release it. All encoding is done in heaven and not on earth, that is why before our substance was formed, a book is written of all our works and days fashioned for us (Psalm 139:16).

We inherited our parents’ strengths and weaknesses because our bodies were made from our parents DNA (Romans 5:12). For this reason, a very careful process has to be done by angels and infant spirits being trained to come he earth in the selection of the right set of parents with the right DNA of strengths and weakness to line up with the predestination roles to be fulfilled. These angels, who usually have worked with us throughout the first two stages of our growth in heaven, now partner and work with us on the earth as our guardian angels (Matthew 18:10). Together with these angels, we as infant spirits have visited our potential parents before we were born and even placed thoughts and desires in their hearts and minds to get together and become a couple, so that we can be born through them. This explains why sometimes good spiritual people have seen visions of infant or child-size spirits that look like angels.

If we walk in the perfect Will of God and grow spiritually like our Lord Jesus, we will discover our predestination and also be allowed to obtain some level of knowledge of our pre-existence. Any level of knowledge is only to help us fulfill our predestination on earth and the release of giftings and callings that were originally encoded into our spiritual DNA. Some people like Jeremiah the prophet and Paul the apostle had some knowledge of their pre-exist ofence (Jeremiah 1:5; Galatians 1:15-16; Ephesians 1:3-5).

Having a better understanding of our pre-existence and predestination will help each of us to be more diligent in bringing forth all the giftings and callings that God has placed within us. It will enable us to tap and flow into that which is in line with our spiritual DNA. We can only truly enter into the Rest of God’s Sabbath by learning NOT to do that which is outside our calling and DOING only that which God created us to be (Hebrews 4:10-11). God has indeed created into us, His workmanship, everything that we are to BE and to DO on this earth (Ephesians 2:10). Enjoy your walk in the Lord in peace, love and joy. Amen.

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